The most fun I have had with modulation was with...


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I'll tell ya, my favorite multi-mod box is the NUX ModCore. I love, as it sounds great, the vibe is really good (it's NUX Monterrey Vibe) and all the others, man, they work well and sound great. The thing is really tweakable, and it's well under $100.00. Heck, when I got my first one it only $34.00!!
Cool thread. I have mini Moog Chorus- pretty fun too. Especially with an expression pedal. I miss moog,, too.

I love the random- so maybe the Shallow Water. But the VB-2 is so fun.

Does a Whammy count?


I had a DOD FX75 flanger (three knobs, no suffix) with broken and/or dirty pots. When I turned the knobs JUST SO the modulation got very glitchy, unique, and awesome.

Very very noisy pedal overall though, so I got rid of it.


I used to own a Strymon Mobius (that I sold because I guess I’m a cork sniffer and it just didn’t stack up to my analog effects). I had a lot of fun making super wild presets with that thing. I made one with the engine that sounds like vowel sounds and was just cracking up. The ring mod on there was a lot of fun to play with too. I miss it mostly because of the fun factor of just screwing around with it
:consoleI am (was?) an analog snob too. And I too did have a mobius which I returned after a short test run. That thing was loaded with possibilities, and sounded great in stereo, but I could never get past the interface... reminded me of work. When I play guitar, I am still the kid rocking a broom, jumping from couch to couch to Iron Maiden... No menus please... :)

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