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The most "Rock n' Roll" guitar

Keef Wichards

I was gonna make a poll, but there would be to many options so we'll go without one.

Which electric guitar screams Rock n' Roll the most to you? Not rock and roll, not rock, not hard rock, I mean legitimate rock n' roll. Like if you're about to see someone step onstage and play Star Star, Sweet little sixteen, and Jailhouse rock, what guitar do you imagine they will be holding?

My answer would probably be a telecaster. Not that many of the first wave of 50s rock n' rollers really used them, but considering I discovered that whole genre through Keith Richards and the Stones, I think that distinctive twang and bite of the driving rhythm of rock n roll resonates most with me.


'54 Goltop w/P-90's. That's just what I would've rocked on stage in that time. Of course a Strat or Tele is just as perfect. I go through this same thought process before most gigs, but it's so much easier with a set list.


With a large budget, I have to say a Gibson ES-355 in black. Les Paul Jr on a smaller budget. Also, one have to be of a certain stature to be able to rock an ES355, while a smaller guy would look the deal with something smaller, like an LP Jr.

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