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  1. Curtis james

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    Sep 9, 2012
    Ya know, how you practice and play for years.....and wonder; am I growing, am I bored, have I reached a plateau in my musical journey.....stalled on my musical highway. And what about the amp world? Are they doing the same? Striving to be better, grow, take risks and chances and actually evolve with musical taste and styles of the players they try to coax and represent.My friends DrZ has done it......again. But he took a risk this time and did something different that we haven't heard before in the world of Z. He made a smokin great amp AGAIN.

    But let me preface: This, isn't your Grandmas EL84. Yes you can play at bedroom levels so you don't wake up your neighbors sister. Yes, you can get the clean tones your after, for the first 1/3 of the power scale. But let's take the volume nob to 12:00. No.....let take it to 1:00 & Now we're in the personality of this amp. This is where the money i$, the sweet spot and why you want this amp. This is why you'll so love this newest creation from ZThe Db4 as said in another post (I'll 2nd it) is a lot more midrange prominent, and to be honest took me back a little....but I adjusted immediately to it. But isn't that what your boost pedal does anyway? Add more midrange kick to "cut" through the mix; that musical gridlock of notes we fight to untangle through? Especially when dealing with the dreaded volume creep. Cancer of every live performance. (Bring crazy glue....couple drops on the bass players volume nob) Once you find the G spot on this amp somewhere between guitar and amp settings your into ballsy, and punchy low-end majesty. It's what I dig about this amp. It's has "flavor's" and "nuances" to an El84, but eyes closed, not sure I'd put money was even in the 84 family.

    This amp is very touch sensitive and goes from clean to mean with the touch of your's a very rock-ish approach to an El84 amp. Has "some" of the jangle and jingle that is familiar, but my God; dime your guitar on this bad boy, and thicker, gnarly breakup is at the forefront. It's BEGGIN to break up. Which is where the remaining 2/3rds of the power lies. My favorite is full power on the back panel, plugged into the low setting. Seems to have a more "tamed" break-up.

    I played with the Gold, and also with a nice orig Two Rock sign series cab, with KTS70 alnico in it. The Gold hands down is the speaker for this out of the two. Pedals: if your playing a Les Paul keep the dirty pedals off. Don't need em. You really don't. Humbuckers push this amp easily into overdrive.....or back off and get your cleans. Played my favorite Tele with Voodoo's TE50's . Individual notes have spank and a hell of a bark/bite. Really cool. The individual notes don't have to be overly driven either. You have control of this. Full power on the rear, and High input on the front panel gives you more. Or back off, and tease the notes back and forth into breakup. All through your expression through your pick attack or strumming style. Added my Keeley Compressor and this induced squish and compression and was another flavor of genius. A Kingsley Overdrive, and the clouds begin to part

    Ok, so there is a little learning curve to this amp and I wouldn't call it a jack of all musical genres. Might be a lil' more specific for some players. But what amp isnt? If your looking for a "signature" voice or make a statement, this piece of gear could set you apart from the pack. It's not like all the other amps out there. But I'm telling you......its special.

    Sooo, What style do you play? The DB4 handles Country of course......pushes into rebel and southern country realm. Blues and good old fashioned Rock. I'm talking any kind of rock, Classic, Southern Rock (you fusion guys not so much)In conclusion; I'm so lovin my new DB4 that I'm bringing the Zlux and DB to the gig. Hell the 2 amps togethor, in new light-weight cabs, are the what 1 combo used-to weigh. It's really light and comfortable.

    So Mr Paisley you and Mike kicked booty on this one.
    Thank you for taking a little chance....a little risk, and pushing forward in your journey, so we can continue ours.

    This is just another form of great.

    & amazing

    and any other syrupy adjective you can think of [​IMG]

    Some crude videos demos for ya we threw togethor
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    Jan 8, 2014
    Curtis, if you would accept some friendly advice, I will offer it.

    Use paragraphs. Making your text one huge blob makes it easy for a distracted reader to start glazing over the words you spent your time writing, and get nothing from it.
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    Jun 14, 2011
    Where I Live
    Agree 100%

    -Distracted Reader
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  4. Wansel

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    Aug 3, 2014
    Now I want one. Love the doc's amps!
  5. Curtis james

    Curtis james Silver Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2012
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  6. Teleplayer

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    Jan 12, 2004
    Have owned 2 Stang Rays and also still own a RxES. The Doc does the EL84 thing really really well.

    The DB4 looks like a really cool/different approach. Congrats on the new amp. Enjoy.
  7. griggsterr

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    Jun 4, 2014
    I know every body will go bat crazy here. I am currently selling my DrZ Maz38 and my Maz18 is already gone.
    I saw Joe walsh a few weeks ago he was playing a Z, and when he went into funk 49, I knew why I'm selling mine.
  8. Charles Scott

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    Aug 16, 2015
    Santa Monica, CA
    If anyone's still reading this thread, I just got the 1x12 DB4 combo. All I can say is... FINALLY! An amp that likes my tele as much as my 335. Can do the Vox-y thing, but never goes too shrill.

    Really brings out the presence in humbuckers. I know some of that is the speaker, but I feel like the amp doesn't just give up at around 3khz. There's a lot of information in the top end, without sounding like fizzy chaos.

    Anyway, i pair it with a Royer r-121 (I'm not a gigging musician), and it just works. I have a great '69 Dual Showman and '75 JMP, which I won't be selling, but the DB4 can definitely get me into similar territory. I traded in a Maz 18 2x10 combo towards it. Loved the basic sound of the Maz, but it just couldn't hang with a neck humbucker when it was dimed. So glad I made the switch.

    Will share some video tomorrow.
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