The new Martin OM28 or OMJM comparison?


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I'm wanting to buy next month for my birthday and have narrowed down to these two (thanks for the help in the other thread). In this one I just want to clarify one point.

Which one of these sounds closer to the OM28-JM limited run?

The OM28 because of the traditional build (minus Sitka of course)


The OMJM because of the engleman top (minus the same bracing/neck joint of course)

I can't play the guitars so I'm relying on opinions. I know either way I'm good just want the closest to that sound. Thanks!


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I played both and preferred the snap of the sitka. The engleman reminded me of cedar. Warm but lacking in punch when strummed. I guess it depends on your style. I find the OM-28 to be the most versatile for various styles.

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