The Quintessential TGP Product...


Is it organic, warm and transparent?

I'd really hate for it to affect my tone in a way that people who'll never hear me play wouldn't like.

Please tell me it'll give me those Robin Ford tones, from that song I won't let you know the name of.

I guess as long as someone famous who doesn't play musically remotely similar to what I play is using one, then it should hopefully be okay for that one time I'll ever use it before I resell it.

What about replacing that Floyd rose trem with a Strymon BigSky + Timeline? It's only $600 over your budget - just sell that stuff that I personally don't like so that what you have pleases me - yeah that'd be great.

Mark Robinson

Gold Supporting Member
At one time it may have been a Dumble clone of some sort, but now? A low watt Fender, or Marshall type that takes pedals, wait no! Certainly a pedal, true bypass, time based with a snake $hit name. Or maybe a PAF iteration by FOM Winders, who must be located somewhere rainy.

Mike R.

The manufacturer would have to take at least three and a half years to perfect the design thereby causing flame wars about the original versus the clones that would eventually pop up.

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