The Raspberries - Vintage Live - Go All The Way / I Wanna Be With You / Let's Pretend


I kinda agree with Lester Bangs, stock riffs and formula writing. Their songs always sounded like they pieced together parts of 3-4 songs, too many modulations and too many stock riffs. That said, these guys could play and sing like no one else. Too bad these recordings are distorted, great performances.


"Go All The Way"

Pete Townsend {The Who} called it 'Power Pop Rock'.

He likened this song to "I Can See For Miles".



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Critics never have to pay their own money for music.

These songs always sounded good on the radio back in the day, and they still sound good to me. "Go All the Way" was a big bonus on last year's Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol 1!


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I love me some Raspberries. Hit Record! One of my all time favorites.Theres a pic of John Lennon wearing a Raspberries shirt. Pretty good endorsement right there!


"Go All The Way"

Oh Man. That song was on the radio {AM and FM} all Day-and-Night in 1972 and 1973.

Worst Management Move >

'The Raspberries' did a Television Promo for CBS-TV in 1973. Remember, they were
on the Capitol Record label.

Eric Carmen came off as a real 'cocky bastard', all full of himself. He even stated that
they were going to reach the level of 'The Who', and that they had visions of doing a
Rock Opera Album.

Eric Carmen >
"Yea. We are the biggest Rock-Pop band in America. We've conquered the States.
Europe should be no problem at all.



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The background vocals are prominent and perfect. I like this rendition better than the studio version:

Wally Bryson plays a mean 12-string Rickenbacker 360/12:

wow Jay, When you started the 'Grassroots ' thread the other day I was going to mention the other band that had those awesome power pop harmonies and great hooks...The RASPBERRIES...
Wally Bryson is also one of the best 'Chord' men in the bizness too...
love the way he goes all over the neck.
great catchy band.
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Cal Webway

Really great!! Thanks

And unlike many contemporary (then) or earlier boomer 'live' stuff... it really was live!!

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"Go All The Way"

Producer ..... Jimmy Ienner
Studio .........The Record Plant ~ New York City

Jimmy Ienner >

The 'original' recording sounded flat. It had nothing. It was all 'Vanilla', and could
have been a Donny Osmond pop song.

Eric was playing Bass, and Jim Bonfanti was on Drums. They were tight, but
'Smalls' {Dave Smalley} was non-existent on Rhythm Guitar.

We had this Russ Meyer 'limiter' that was really violent. We use to call it
'Oscar Meyer'. We had tried it on a few pieces and sections in other songs,
but with so-so success.

Well, I had Wally Bryson lay down some distorted riffs. It was a raunchy
'16-Bar' intro that sounded like an opening to one of the British Hard Rock
bands songs. It was really hard and edgy.

I ran it through the 'limiter', and it pulsed exactly at the right time.

I was at the console when I played it back. I just looked up and said >
"We just produced a #1 Hit."
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Funny everyone is mentioning Badfinger because the whole reason I originally bought the Raspberries greatest hits was because I didn't know the title of No Matter What, and I thought The Raspberries were the band who sang it (must be ONE of these songs here).

Oh and at least one of the guys in The Knack must have been taking furious notes when The Raspberries played, because Knack is to Raspberries as Raspberries is to Badfinger.

I don't care though. I like all three bands.

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