The Raspberries - Vintage Live - Go All The Way / I Wanna Be With You / Let's Pretend

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Article from 1972

    The Hollies and The Raspberries performed at the University of Southern Maine {Gorham University Gym}.

    Before the show, the Promoters handed out a bunch of promotional items for
    The Raspberries. Posters, pins, programs as well as bags of 'hard' Raspberry Candy.

    The Raspberries were the opening act. The band came out and played a non-stop
    fast-action set of 9-Songs over a 40-Minute span.

    They were met with loud roars from the audience after each song. When they completed
    their blistering set, the cheers from the crowd were over-whelming as they screamed for
    more songs.

    But the Cleveland-based Rockers did not want to drain the crowd any further. They politely
    waved and thanked the crowd for their resounding applause. The Lead Vocalist {Eric Carmen}
    then introduced the English Pop-Rock band The Hollies amidst some loud booing.

    The Hollies came out, and started off with a lame song.

    After just one song, the crowd started to boo loudly. Within moments, entire sections
    of the front row of fans were screaming "Bring back The Raspberries".

    The Hollies struggled to play through their first 2-Songs.

    The booing was so loud, that The Hollies stopped playing after just 1-Minute into their
    3rd song.

    Then, some of the fans in the audience started throwing 'candy' Raspberries at the
    band members on stage.

    It was an utter embarrassment for British Boys.

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    Jan 9, 2008
    isn't Iron Man corny? Love it for its corniness, but just sayin....
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    Jan 12, 2015
    Minneapolis, MN
    Paul Westerberg said he would have never played music had it not been for the Raspberries.

    Also, for some good reading check out Lester Bangs vs. Lou Reed.
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  4. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    November 5, 1972

    Philharmonic Hall

    The Raspberries were again scheduled to open for The Hollies.


  5. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    'Truth Be Told'

    The Raspberries were thrown off the tour with The Hollies before this show
    {after the Poster Bill was printed}.

    The reason >
    The Raspberries had put together several excellent performances before-hand as the support band.
    The Hollies had told The Raspberries to tone their performances down.
    The Raspberries were drawing lots of teenage girls {13 thru 17} to the shows.
    The Hollies seemed 'out-of-touch' to the teenage girls.

    Dave Smalley {Bass Player} >

    We had 'smoked' The Hollies in 3 straight shows. They couldn't match us. The
    audiences were alive with electricity when we played. We had them pumped.

    The Hollies should have taken advantage of that. Instead they came out and
    played with little emotion. They were just going thru the motions, with uninspired

    They had a new lead singer {Mikael Rickfers} who had taken over for Allen Clarke.
    They just lugged along and couldn't get out of 1st Gear.

    Somebody from their Management told our Manager that we had to slow the pace
    down over the last 3-Songs of our set, or that they would cut us down from
    40-Minutes and 9-Songs, to 30-Minutes and 6-Songs.

    After that brief meeting, we knew that we were not long for touring with The Hollies.

    We played '1' more show with them in October. Then they booted us just
    before we were supposed to play at the New York Philharmonic Hall in New York City
    on November 5th.

    I think they were jealous. We had "Go All The Way" at #5, and it was one of
    most requested songs by Radio Fans, especially by the teenagers {13 thru 17}.

    They had "Long Cool Woman", which was also a Top 5 song. But that song
    was requested by older group {18 thru 25}.

    The problem, was that most of the kids attending the shows were the younger
    teenagers. It was great for us, but bad for them.

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  6. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Here it is >

    The Raspberries played their last show as the support-act for The Hollies on
    Saturday Night ~ October 14, 1972 at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

    They were scheduled to be on the {November 5th} bill at the New York Philharmonic
    Hall in New York City.

    The Rasberries had started touring with The Hollies in September, and they were
    supposed to be booked with the English Pop-Rock band for 4-Months.


  7. Lotis

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    Jan 19, 2005
    N. Calif.
    One of the top 5 American bands in my book. No matter what the circumstances were.
  8. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    The Raspberries

    Rehearsal Studio ......... Mentor, Ohio


    Wally Bryson

    * 1967 Gibson Double-Neck EDS-1275 {6 + 12 String} with Humbucker
    * 1967 Rickenbacker Maple-Glo {360-12} 12-String
    * 1967 Gibson Flying V
    * Fender Stratocaster
    * Les Paul Custom
    * Les Paul SG Standard
    * Gibson Blueridge Acoustic


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  9. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Regarding The Raspberries getting thrown of The Hollies {1972 Fall Tour of the U.S.}

    Saturday Night ~ October 14, 1972

    Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    ~ The Hollies Fiasco - The Raspberries Impress and Might Improve ~

    The Hollies fiasco Starday Night at Chapel Hill needs little comment. The Hollies only
    have to apologize to themselves and the 4500 or so people who paid $6.00 for
    tickets and attended the show.

    Even if only for the people who never saw these characters perform when they were
    regarded as a good band several years ago.

    The show opened with a 'boring' session from Seattle-based Folk Guitarist - Danny O'Keefe,
    who nearly put the audience to sleep with one boring song after another. Even the
    Folk Guitarist's hit > "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues" {Billboard Charts #10}
    was met with little more than faint applause.

    The once energetic audience {at the beginning of the show} were completely bored
    after 10-Minutes of Folk Guitar playing. O'Keefe's 35-Minute set could not have ended any sooner.

    Next up, with the job of reviving the now near comatose crowd, was the Cleveland-based
    Pop-Rock band The Raspberries.

    With the same excitement as 'Jan and Dean' in their most popular days, the fab-looking
    guys with long hair blasted away with '4' consecutive fast-rocking songs.

    The Raspberries are a cross between The Beatles and The Dave Clark Five, only they
    put on a better show. With crowd cheering wildly and standing, the band went into a
    rendition of "Good Golly Miss Molly", which was played both fast and loud, with
    Lead Singer - Eric Carmen belting out clear vocals.

    The Raspberries which use The Beatles as base, then went into 'Ticket To Ride" as an
    intro, before blasting away into their new song "I Wanna Be With You" {which is to
    be released soon}.

    The Rockers then switched to a beach song "Driven Around", which sounded
    like a blend of The Beach Boys.

    The rockers then played Jan and Dean's > "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena".

    Lead Guitarist - Wally Bryson then switched over to The Beatles >
    "Roll Over Beethoven" like a skilled surgeon, as the band had the Chapel Hill
    audience stomping their feet-to-the-beat.

    For the grand finale, The Raspberries ripped "Go All The Way" as loud as they
    could, while leaving the crowd drained at the end of their set.

    The Cleveland Boys have only been touring since March, and in only 8 short months
    they have impressed. They can only get better and might improve on an already
    Rocking 50-Minute/10-Song stage show.

    Oh, The Hollies did finally get on stage. The English Pop Band were a very tired
    third act.

    The 5-piece band lumbered through an uninspiring 45-Minute set. There once
    'high-and-bouncy' sound was just not there. The only time they got the 4500
    Carolinian's to respond, is when they played their current hit "Long Cool Woman"
    {Billboard Charts #3}.

    Otherwise, the one-time hit-makers bored the audience to sleep, as their current
    show is more of a 'novelty act'.

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  10. loudboy

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    Nov 3, 2003
    Sedona, AZ
    Who might the other 4 be?

    ANALOG GUY Member

    Mar 29, 2012
    Space coast, fl.
    I worked in a local Cleveland band with Wally after the Raspberries, he was a jem, real quiet, nice guy. Shows were funny, all the local guitar slingers would be there keeping an eye on Wally's playing if they weren't working that night.
  12. Buck Murdock

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    Oct 21, 2006
    What's the gizmo, with the little dial/meter(?) sitting next to the amp head?
  13. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Good Eyes Buck Murdock,

    What's the Gizmo ? ........ I'll see if I can dig that out of Wally Bryson.

    I can't tell if that's a secret ****** control unit.
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  14. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Eddie OJ,

    The Raspberries did tour with The Hollies in September, October and November 1972.
    They were booked for a 4-Month tour, to support The Hollies, and with Folk Guitarist
    Danny O'Keefe as the opening act.

    Booked Tour Dates

    * Sunday, September 17 ....... Albany, New York
    * Wednesday, September 20 . Springfield, Massachusetts
    * Friday, September 23 ......... Portland, Maine
    * Sunday, September 25 ....... Warwick, Rhode Island
    * Wednesday, September 28 . Manchester, New Hampshire
    * Friday, September 30 ......... Stamford, Connecticut

    * Sunday, October 2 ............. Princeton, New Jersey
    * Wednesday, October 4 ....... Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    * Saturday, October 7 ........... Roanoke, Virginia
    * Wednesday, October 11 ..... Suffolk, Virginia
    * Saturday, October 14 ......... Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    * Tuesday, October 17 .......... Albany, New York
    * Thursday, October 19 ......... Buffalo, New York
    * Sunday, October 22 ........... Boston, Massachusetts
    * Thursday, October 26 ......... Kingsport, Tennessee
    * Saturday, October 28 ......... Bowling Green, Kentucky

    * Wednesday, November 1 .... Fredricksburg, Maryland
    * Sunday, November 5 .......... Philharmonic Hall, New York City, New York
    * Monday, November 6 .......... Washington D.C.
    * Wednesday, November 8 .... Atlanta, Georgia
    * Sunday, November 12 ........ Chicago, Illinois
    * Sunday, November 19 ........ San Diego, California
    * Wednesday, November 22 ... Santa Monica, California
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  15. Kallie

    Kallie Member

    Aug 5, 2015
    Thursday ~ October 26, 1972

    Kingsport, Tennessee

    Youths Rough Up Raspberries' At Concert, Van Burglarized

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  16. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Eddie OJ,

    According to The Raspberries {Manager; Allan Troverthon}

    The Raspberries were starting to dominate the shows in October 1972 as the
    support act for The Hollies.

    The Saturday Night show at Chapel Hill, North Carolina on October 14th was
    where The Raspberries tore it up on stage.

    They literally embarrassed The Hollies who were boo'ed off the stage after only

    That show was called 'The Hollies Fiasco' by the Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    music critic.

    Tensions were rising between the bands. After that show, 'The Hollies' manager
    Alan Cheetham told 'The Raspberries' manager {Allan Troverthon} that his band
    had to tone down their performance, or that they would cut their set from >
    10-Songs and 50-Minutes > to 7-Songs and 35-Minutes.

    The Daily Tar Heel {Chapel Hill, North Carolina} .......... by Adrian Scott

    The Raspberries are the most promising American Pop-Rock band since the days
    of the excitement created by Jan and Dean.

    The Raspberries 10-Song/50-Minute show was filled with non-stop cheering and applause.
    Their best song performance was "Good Golly Miss Molly", which was the best rendition
    of this song ever heard by this Music Critic.

    As for the Main Act {The Hollies}. They were filled with tired old songs, played by
    a group that is missing their '2' key original artists {Allen Clark and Graham Nash}.

    The less said about The Hollies 'weak-and-tired' performance, the better.

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  17. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Mr. Fruit

    Here is the information you asked for.

    'The Raspberries'

    Band Manager ...................... Allan Troverthon
    Record Label ........................ Capitol Records
    Vice President {A & R} .......... Herb Belkin
    Sales and Promotion.............. Al Kaston
    Marketing ............................ Heidi Robinson
    Executive ............................ Dennis Killen
    Record Producer ................... Jimmy Ienner
    Tour Manager ....................... Donnie Ienner
    Soundman ........................... Rudy Pitrone
    Music Publisher .................... Vittorio Benedetto

    Television Appearances and Promotions

    * April 1972 ....................... Beechnut Gum ~ 'Promotional Tour'
    * November 1972 ............... Promotional Film
    * November 25, 1972 .......... 'Woodstock West' ~ The Coliseum ~ Los Angeles, California
    * January 2, 1973 ............... 'Hits A Go-Go' ~ West Germany {TV}
    * January 25, 1973 ............. 'Gala du MIDEM' ~ Cannes, France
    * February 1973 .................. Star {Magazine} ~ 'Raspberrie Rollswagon' Giveaway
    * March 31, 1973 ................ American Bandstand ~ {ABC-TV}
    * May 4, 1973 .................... The Midnight Special ~ {NBC-TV}
    * August 1973 ................... 'Tonight' Promotional Film
    * August 1973 .................... Flipside Television Show
    * September 22, 1973 ......... 'Go Show' ~ {NBC-TV}
    * September 26, 1973 ......... Carnegie Hall ~ New York City, New York
    * September 29, 1973 ......... American Bandstand ~ {ABC-TV}
    * November 12, 1973 .......... The Mike Douglas Show ~ {NBC-TV}
    * November 20, 1973 .......... Don Kirshner's Rock Concert ~ {ABC-TV}
    * November 22, 1973 .......... 'The Magician' - Bill Bixby's Thanksgiving Day Special {NBC-TV}

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    Mar 1, 2012
    I have a recollection of seeing them as the musical guest on "Doug Henning's Magic Show" on a Saturday am/afternoon TV. Probably getting it all mixed up.
  19. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Phila 67,

    Good Memory on 'The Magic Show'

    That magic show started in May 1974. I checked the musical guests, but no 'Raspberries'.

    They did make a lot of appearances on the Morning Shows and Afternoon Talk Shows
    from late-1972 thru early-1974.
  20. Kallie

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    Aug 5, 2015
    Here It Is.

    'The Magician' {NBC-TV} ......... Starring > Bill Bixby

    The Raspberries appeared on the November 22, 1973 ~ 'Thanksgiving Day Special'

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