The Raspberries - Vintage Live - Go All The Way / I Wanna Be With You / Let's Pretend

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    Mr. Pop-Rock

    1972 ~ The Hollies and The Raspberries Tour ~ {Part 1}

    From the information gathered, it was supposed to be a good mix of band's
    that each had good 3-Part harmonies.

    Basically a 'feel-good' up-beat tour. One older clean-cut British Band with a string of
    hits from the 1960's, and a bullet on the charts with "Long Cool Woman".

    And a hot clean-cut Cleveland-based Pop-Rock Band that was trying to bring back
    The Beatles {1960's style}. Also with a bullet on the charts with "Go All The Way".

    They were scheduled for the small Arena, and college Auditorium venues {4000 Capacity}

    The Raspberries {Manager - Allan Troverthon} said that the first few shows went
    over fine. But by the 5th show {Portland, Maine} on September 23rd, it was obvious
    that the head-liners {The Hollies} could not match The Raspberries stage performance.

    Allan Troverthon {Manager}
    "We blew The Hollies away in Portland, Maine. When they came out on stage after us,
    the audience of 4300 were completely drained. The Hollies had nothing to offer."

    'We had literally embarrassed them. For the next few shows we toned it down a bit,
    as to leave them {The Hollies} something for the audience."

    But on the 10th show of the tour {October 4th ~ Harrisburg, Pennsylvania} we really
    lit up the stage. The guys were having the time of their life up on stage. The audience
    of {4000} went crazy, especially when they tore into "Go All The Way" and then finished
    up with "Good Golly Miss Molly".

    The Hollies didn't want to go on, until the crowd had quieted down. They waited for
    a good 30-Minutes. By the time they got out on stage, they had 'zip'. And the crowd
    was not enthusiastic at all. The Hollies were a 'tired act', as they just went through
    the motions of their set.

    That is where the animosity between the bands grew. They were really 'pissed off'
    at us. They believed that we were purposely trying to up-stage them. In reality,
    we were just better performers up on stage. It was something that they could not
    handle. They fit better with an older and much more reserved crowd. They had no
    relationship with the lively and energetic {Ages; 14 thru 19} crowd.

    After the show in Harrisburg, we had set up a promotional booth in the Lobby. We
    were swarmed with fans. We were giving away Promotional Material, and the boys
    were signing everything for the fans. We had photographers taking pictures, and
    teenage girls we everywhere, just screaming and grabbing at the boys.

    On the opposite side of the Lobby, The Hollies had set up their promotional booth.
    There was absolutely nobody there. Maybe a just a few people. I felt bad for them.
    But this business is about 'who is popular now', not yesterday.

    After the show that night, and back at the Hotel. The Hollies Manager {Alan Cheetham}
    came up to me in the Hotel Bar. He told me that we had to 'tone down' our stage
    performance. He said that we were intentionally trying to burn out the audience before
    his band went on.

    I told him that the boys were just trying to put on a good show for the paying fans.
    They want to see an exciting show, not a boring 'hum-drum' warm-up act.

    He said that his band {The Hollies} were really upset at what went on at the show
    tonight. That they have tolerated it for several shows. But now, enough is enough.

    He said > "Either tone it down, or you and your band will be gone."

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    After Harrisburg, Pennsylvania {Wednesday, October 4th} we had a 3-days to do
    a bunch of Radio Promo's before hooking up in Roanoke, Virginia on {Saturday Night}
    October 7th.

    We cris-crossed western Virginia and hit '12' Radio Stations in 2 1/2 days.

    We were booked for '4' spots each day. We came into the Radio Booths, and did
    40-Minute guest visits.

    By October 7th, "Go All The Way" had reached #5 Billboard Charts, and we were
    still maintaining high-momentum. The Raspberries were Radio Stars.

    At the same time, "Long Cool Woman" had dropped out of the Top 40.

    We rocked the place down in Roanoke, Virginia > to 3800 screaming kids. Now every
    Radio Station was trying to book us to come in for a Guest Spot. We had another
    couple of days off, before a show in Suffolk, Virginia on Wednesday Night {October 11th}.

    Again we hit the Radio Stations. This time in central and southeastern Virginia. We
    were riding a 'bullet'.
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    Aug 5, 2015
    In Suffolk, Virginia we played to a packed audience {3200 attendance}. Again we had
    another stellar show.

    After the show, The Hollies sent out a Press Release that they were adding '7' more shows
    to their 1972 American Bill, not including the previously booked gigs.

    * October 17 ......... Albany, New York
    * October 19 ......... Buffalo, New York
    * October 22 ......... Boston, Massachusetts
    * November 6 ....... Washington D.C.
    * November 12 ..... Chicago, Illinois
    * November 19 ..... San Diego, California
    * November 22 ..... Santa Monica, California

    Things seemed to subside between us and 'The Hollies', after their earlier animosity
    towards us.

    But that was before the show a few days later on {Saturday Night} October 14th
    at the Carmichael Auditorium at North Carolina University in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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    Thursday ~ October 12, 1972

    The Hollies are the featured band for Saturday Night ~ October 14th at
    Carmichael Auditorium at North Carolina University.

    The British Quintet have enjoyed a 10-Year run, and have a bill-fold list
    of Top 10 hits.

    Ticket Prices are $2.50 for the 'Homecoming Event'

    An estimated sell out of {8000} is expected. The 'special guest attraction'
    will be The Raspberries.


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    Allan Troverthon {Manager for The Raspberries} >
    After the show at the Carmichael Auditorium at the University of North Carolina, I knew
    it was just a matter of time before we would get booted off The Hollies tour.

    After the show, we all went back to the Hotel. We hung out in the Hotel Bar, by cooling
    off with a few Beers. Then Alan Cheetham {Manager for The Hollies} and Terry Sylvester
    {band member} burst into the Bar Area and let us have it.

    They started screaming at us, by telling me that my band was 'out-of-line', by purposely
    upstaging The Hollies.

    Alan Cheetham then started yelling at us >
    "If you guys want to stay with us, then we're going to cut your set from {10-Songs and
    50-Minutes} to 35-Minutes.

    "You've got 35-Minutes to play that Bubble-Gum S***, then get off the F***ing stage.
    And your band is going to finish their set with a slow song. None of this big finish stuff.
    Do you hear me."

    Allan Troverthon >
    I just looked at him and said > "You want to lay out our set list. What are you, out of
    your F***ing mind. Maybe you'd like to play my band's songs as well."

    He just kept staring at me, and repeating "It's Bubble-Gum S***. That's all you've got."

    Finally I said > "OK Alan. Whatever you and your band want. I'll have my band slow
    it down. We'll finish up with a slow song."

    The next morning, my band and Road Crew met up for Breakfast at 9:00 AM. When
    we got there, we found out that The Hollies had boarded their Tour Bus, and headed
    out of Chapel Hill at 8:00 AM.

    I guess they didn't want to be around for the Show Reviews in the Newspapers.

    We stayed in Chapel Hill for Sunday {October 15th} and rested. On Monday Morning
    we headed North, back up to Albany, New York for a show we had scheduled on
    Tuesday Night {October 17th}.

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    Is there any recording of them doing "Good Golly Miss Molly"?
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    Out of curiosity, did these guys ever open for The Hollies? Seems like they'd have been a good match.
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    The Fall of 1972

    The Raspberries were booked to provide support for The Hollies from Sunday, September 17th
    thru Wednesday, November 22nd.

    After the show on Saturday, October 28th {Bowling Green, Kentucky} they were kicked off the
    tour, after a 'Kick-Ass' performance prior to The Hollies coming on.
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    That would be a good find. During 1972 and early-1973 'The Raspberries' did perform
    the following covers >

    * Good Golly Miss Molly
    * Roll Over Beethoven
    * Ticket To Ride
    * The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
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    Someone must of thought so....
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    I know very little of this band. Other than my impression of Eric Carmen from a short 'where are they now' clip where he came off as slightly cocky and prideful. However, I'm digging these clips. Seems like they could be on a bill with Big Star, or something. I'll have to check more out.
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