The rise and demise of Motorhead


Motorhead were the biggest thing musically for me from 79 until I moved on after Iron Fist. I saw them a bunch of times and have a few of my own Lemmy anecdotes. But...

Glastonbury 2015

I know Lemmy is ill and near 70, but now he's like a punch-drunk boxer who won't quit. He can't move, his hands shake, all with unconvincing bravado.

What has happened to the once mighty Motorhead? A dreadful drummer with a sloppy guitarist (who talks over Lemmy between songs FFS). For some reason they drop a half beat during every verse in Metropolis, and for the final song Overkill Lemmy sings and plays Ace Of Spades - and the sad thing is he can't work out what's wrong. Look at his face.

Lemmy - step down at the end of the year, your position in R'n'R history is secure.


He just got old. I give him props for trying, and I'll doubtless go and see them yet again when they tour.
I haven't watched the video yet but I'm surprised with your criticism of Mikkey Dee. He's usually spot on.


They were absolutely positively the best band in the world from the beginning of '79 until the end of '81.

I saw them on the Ace of Spades tour, their first US visit. I was at the famous show at Irving Plaza (yes I got to see them at a smallish club on the Ace of Spades tour) in July '81 when Philthy collapsed in the heat and they couldn't finish the usual encores. They never got around to playing "Motörhead" - Philthy was just too knackered.

I also saw them the next summer at the show at the Palladium that was the last show with Eddie Clarke, just a few weeks after Iron Fist came out.

The last time I saw them was at LaMour East on the Another Perfect Day tour, with Robbo on guitar. It wasn't a bad show, but it wasn't really the same and I've never been tempted to go see them again.

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Every now and again I plug my bass into marshall in my a a atar just for ***** and giggles. I love Lemmy. It is hard to watch him getting older.

P.S. Do you know how hard it is to find an adaptor to plug into a pic on your iphone.


For many years Motorhead operated like a bar band. They played for kicks and kept out of the music biz cut-throat as much as possible. They lost a LOT of money that way. Now they're as much a corporate machine as the Stones or U2 are, I heard that Mikkey Dee is one of the main movers for the band now.
Lemmy has played his own game by his own rules since forever, I doubt he'll stop now.

In around '09 I was on a VIP tour of Marshall; at the end the guy said "You play bass right?". They took me to the mini-theatre that Marshall has on site, pulled back the curtains and there was Lemmy's brand new stacks. "Can you try these out for us, they're being shipped out to him tomorrow, he hasn't seen them yet".

On their next tour I was given an AA pass to tell Lemmy how come I played with his gear before he did. I'd met him a few times before but we had a great talk for a long time. He's always had a melancholy look about him in recent years but yeah, that illness has really taken it's toll.


I dig that white guitar Phil Campbell's playing the video. Is that a Framus? If so, what model?


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Time waits for no one.

Actually I thought ol' Lemmy was giving it hell, all things considered... and I loved that introduction of the band!

(in gravelly Pirate voice )
We are Motorhead... and we play Rock & Roll

Here's what I always thought was a great television pairing from days past:
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Sounds like Motörhead to me. He's 69 and been through Hell. Give him a break for still doing what he does and sounding better than most who are attempting the same thing at that age.


I saw Motorhead in the 80's ....dragged along by a friend. ...i had the Ace of Spades album, but not really a fan.
It was the loudest noise i have ever heard. ....felt like my guts were being rearranged. Couldn't tell one 'song' from the other or understand one word from Lemmy's mouth.


I absolutely love Motorhead and will forever. Lemmy has put more of himself into rock and roll than all of us combined. It's like, we all knew he had slow down at some point, but I don't think any of us thought it would actually happen.

I've never seen them **** up like they did with the Overkill/Ace of Spades but hell, like you said, his position is secure.


The last time I saw them in concert they were fantastic.
(I think it's been 7-8 years though.)
They were the openers for the Judas Priest/Slayer tour.


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I thought they were still rocking 4 years ago:

I watched his documentary and proceedsd to spend a whole afternoon at the Rainbow on Sunset smoking cigarettes and playing video poker, in his honor.

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Not a fan, but watched the first two songs of the video clip OP posted.
I would agree, Lemmy is doing pretty good at his age, all things considered.


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Lol sounded like Motorhead to me. Granted I never saw them live in their heyday so how could there not be a drop off? People get old. After a few songs Lemmy really did sound tired. What are you going to do? The guy has lived hard man. Jeez that documentary on him.....Motorhead to me was always like the junk yard band of rock n roll. A bit sloppy and slapped together but they always rocked out and made it work.

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