The SelMac guitar....


For those of you who have yet to experience these funny looking French design guitars, you owe it to yourself to try one or six out...if you can find them.

I've been playing a Gitane DG300 for six or seven years, and yesterday took delivery on a Paris Swing GG42. These are both Chinese copies of the more expensive European instruments, but do have the traditional "gypsy" tone, when you string them with the correct "gypsy" strings.

However, I don't use the guitars for gypsy jazz, but rather for just about everything else. The Gitane is absolutely the loudest acoustic guitar I've ever played. Great cutting power for those parking lot jams and acoustic circles. And because it's so strong(muscular!!), I can stay out of it rather than forcing, and get much more subtlety in my playing. Very clear, with great note separation. Both of these guitars require a strong right hand, and respond in kind.

Rather than the silver plated copper strings that are recommended for gypsy jazz, I use a bit heavier phosphor bronze, 11-50. These strings, along with the guitar design, allow for very dynamic and forceful playing; GREAT FUN to be able to dig in and make 'em bark.

Who else appreciates the design?

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