The Sundays' Wild Horses (RS cover) - pedals?


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Can you be more specific? The acoustic sounds like a good bit of reverb. And the lead guitar sounds like a bunch of reverb, as well as maybe some kind of rotary thing? The mixing volume and panning also probably makes it sound more airy and farther back. Other folks here will know better than I about the effects though.

Great band, btw!


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If you are talking about the single-line accompaniment during the verse : there's some doubling/chorus with modulation, but the critical in that is the EQ of the instrument before it gets doubled... they taken much of the high-mids out. I agree on the 'sounds like 'rotary thing', but it may be focusing on a very slight trem... not much phasing (all three are in a true rotary/leslie, if you look at the physics and speaker number/placement/motion.) By the 3rd and 4th lines, the trem aspect seems a bbit rolled off, or the subtlety is lost in the mix.

The chimey guitar in the chorus:
a) the eq is openup up to those missing high-mids
b) again, at least doubled, or the reverb is stereo (tough to tell on my cheap computer monitors).
c) The reverb ... I'd try to elumalte that by whatever setting you have that mimics a moderately large room, a 5 story stairwell, small stone cathedral-type thing.
For this, I'd run thru my library of IRs in my Logidy Epsi and I'm sure there's an IR that matches this reberb ... it's not too complex or rare.. but it is very nice.

The voice:
Eh, I didn't really focus on that too much, definitely some soft-entry delay on the first repeat.

... wayyyy too early to be thinking like this. Where's my coffee?


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I've nothing to contribute except to add that I love the Sundays. Always have. Much missed, but I'm thankful for every ounce they gave us.

Gavin Somethingorother was the guitarists name, right? Lucky bugger married Harriet Wheeler too.
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Sundays are awesome and underrated.

I agree this is my favorite version of Wild Horses - I hear tremolo for sure, reverb and maybe a bit of chorus/modulation?


Saw the Sundays live in Amsterdam at the Paradiso early 90'ies.
IIRC David had a Tele, an ES-335 and an acoustic guitar, one or two BF Deluxe reverbs and an AC15/30, and a few Boss pedals, Super Chorus and OD.

And I was totally in love with Harriet. First album awesome, second not so much, third... meh.


"blind" is one of my favorite albums. I was obsessed with getting the guitar sound in the chorus of "wild horses" back in the day. That and Johnny Marr's sound which is pretty similar. I failed because all I had was a Quadraverb and a solid state Vox amp (and I wasn't them). But in reality, it was probably just a boss chorus pedal and his amp spring reverb, or a possibly a Lex or real plate reverb (in the studio). Maybe a short delay too.


it sounds more like a chorus (or leslie) than a trem to me and then there is some reverb and maybe delay... i thought there's a different setup for verse and chorus but i like the theory about the eq and that might be the main difference since the verse sounds muddled like making more space for the voice

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