The Sword goes back in the scabbard


Great, great band. I saw them open for Kyuss Lives! in about 2010

Excellent songs and awesome performances

I saw the same show here in 2012, as much as I loved seeing Kyuss, I was there as much for The Sword. So it's a little irritating, my Youtube feed recommended a lot of Sword shows that have popped up from the last year or so, which got me back onto listening to them again. So in the past 2 months I've had a Sword playlist on Spotify Ive been going back to a few times per week. And my thoughts up till last week have been, "next time they're here I'm not missing it." So much for that goal...

Nevertheless, their 1st three albums are what resonate with me the most. But there are moments on the others I go back to as well. Hopefully the reunion tour happens in '28 or '29.


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I genuinely had no idea they were still together. Haven’t heard a peep about them in years which is probably part of the reason they’re throwing in the towel.


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Saw them probably 7-8 years ago, good show. I admit I don’t really know about the records after the first 2

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