THe Timmy and the Silver Kiss and the Black 65


Hey I was just wondering how the Timmy and Black 65 compares to the Catalinbread Silverkiss. The SilverKiss has been my #1 overdrive since I got in back in 2008 (or maybe it was 2007, not sure). Can anyone elighten me on how the Timmy and the Black 65 would fit in that nitch of overdrives...or how they wouldnt. On my never ending hunt for the perfect tone I cant help but fish for advice, knowledge or opinions.

I know its a pretty open ended question. But what can I say. I play a American Strat through a Allen Old Flame. I dont like an overdrive that takes over your tone and makes it something else. I love the clean tone of my Allen, but just want a overdrive version of my clean tone with added sustain. I guess thats the best way I can discribe what Im after.

I know the Black 65 is supposed to sound like an overdriven Blackface so that sounds like it will be good.....but everyone goes on and on about the Timmy "transparency".

Any thoughts from users out there. To bad for me I dont have the funds to just buy them both and try.........and its going to have to be really something to kick my Silverkiss off my pedalboard,LOL.

Thanks everyone!!!!!


I've had the original version of the silverkiss and I still have the original version of the Timmy, but it's not on my board. Tone wise, I'd say the silverkiss adds a little more flavor to your tone than the Timmy. Both are pretty good at allowing you to control your EQ and excel at low gain. I preferred my silverkiss to the Timmy when playing a strat into fender amps and Marshall amps. My Timmy was better with my les Paul into Marshall style amps. But tone is a personal thing. I've never played with the other pedal you asked about, but for what you are looking for, I don't think you find the Timmy significantly different from the silverkiss other than what I pointed out above. I do miss my old my silverkiss. :(. I think it was number 23 or so...
Never owned a Silverkiss, but I have owned a Timmy (and Tim) and a Black '65. They couldn't be more different really. The Black '65 is a lot more versatile of an overdrive that definitely has a color and a flavor, whereas the Timmy is generally more of a transparent, tone-sculpting overdrive. They aren't really in the same ballpark of overdrives, but both are really cool.

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