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The trap of too many guitars


Becoming? I always thought it was somewhere between support group and the guitar store equivalent of a pub crawl.
I think there used to be a lot more enabling of GAS. Now there are more people looking for help getting rid of GAS.
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As one of my friends said, "If you can't play each one during the 7 day week, then you have too many."

Also, my hometown guitar hero had 33 guitars at one time. He kept many of them disassembled so his wife didn't know how many he had. This worked because he had a side business of doing guitar repairs. So when he wanted to play a specific guitar, he would put it together. Then take is a part after playing.


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I used to think it'd be cool to have a bunch of different-sounding guitars. Now that I have a few, it's gotten super annoying. Each time I pick up a new one I have to get everything dialled in again - amps, pedals etc. Its a pain in the ass. I think I'll either get rid of some of them, or I'll swap the pickups so they all kind of sound the same. First world problem I know...
I haven't read what anyone else has posted, but I can definitely relate. I used to spend more time tweaking and dialing in, then I actually would play.

My solution was to buy a parametric EQ pedal for my board (specifically the Wampler EQuator). I run it directly after my tuner and can quickly tweak to get any guitar to sound how I want it. Now, instead of dealing with multiple pedals and my amp, I really only have to adjust the EQuator and maybe the gain on my amp. I'd recommend you look into something like that. It's a much more cost effective solution than replacing all your pickups as well.


That was always my philosophy as well. The reality is that in the past year, my 2 guitars with the least stable necks have become my favorites.

I'm doomed.
Like I said I have well over 100 guitars... but the Shawn Lane Masters Series I own has the advantage of being the MOST stable guitar around

My 56 Junior is another favorite and frankly - it’s stable as hell too


If you read about famous producers in the studio, we know often times a band with a developed sound will come in with THEIR rigs; guitar, amps and effects etc.

The producer often then has to help guide them in terms of song development and part of that can be taking the guitarist 'out of his element' a bit to inspire or get them to think differently if they get stuck on song ideas.

So a different guitar or amp or effect can come into play....maybe a different tuning?

I see SO many player rely on the same rig all the way thru a set but some NEVER touch the guitar volume or tone control!

Im sorry but bands like AC/DC that use the same thing album after album are NOT the norm...yea its a great sound but few have the ability to keep the interest with the EXACT same tone for 2 hours straight unless its a very good proven tone.....same with the SRV wannabes imo.

So, to end my rant, at least a few guitars (and amps effects etc) that vary quite a lot can be beneficial in terms of songwriting AND for cover bands trying to do a great job on specific songs with much varied guitar tones


I can understand OPie to an extent...
I am never looking for another guitar or bass and don't want anymore. All of that goes out the window any time I pick up a 'planets must have lined up the day this was built' guitar/bass. I don't care what brand, etc.. My son will be deliriously happy one day... He already knows the ones if he sells, I will come back and haunt his ass forever... They started out special and I want them around long after I am gone in the same condition as when I had em...not butchered up, etc.. Has zero to do with value. Has everything to do with how they play and sound... Cheapest on the never list is a first run Ibanez Blazer heavy dense ash w/ maple neck strat, orig head (before the ugly to me half shovel). Cheapest at the time but a perfect build...


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I visualized a literal trap, a horder's maze where you can't find your way to the bathroom let alone the front door....


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I understand each word in the thread title individually, but not when put together like they are here.
I have my amps dialed in already and I use the same eq settings for all of my guitars which are very different from each other. I do have to change the gain setting but that's it. I can use my pickup selector and tone knobs on the guitar to dial in the sound I want after that.


Constant GAS
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There are guys here that own 2 or 5 or 10 guitars that are exactly the same, some even the same color, guess they sound the same, I suppose these owners just dig and love a certain brand, perhaps it’s more of a collection thing, but on stage I suppose one needs one of each type...


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The more guitars I've had, the less music I actually played.

I just ended up doing a bunch of bs "tone tests". Play the same thing on Guitar A, B, C, D, E, then twiddled with a bunch of knobs, and then see which one I liked the sound of best.

What a waste 'o 'frickin time.

I have only 1 guitar now and actually play music. Less has been more for me. YMMV.
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My accumulation of instruments occurred between 1993 (at 41 years old) and 2012 because I was single (divorced), making good money and traveling a lot for my job. I'd stop at every major guitar store in the cities I was in and try out all the guitars that struck my fancy.
I'd play guitars that sounded and played GREAT! I bought quite a few of them. :rotflmao

I rationalized by saying to myself that I'd open my own guitar emporium some day.


on stage I suppose one needs one of each type...
depends - yes and no ...
studio is where the differences shine way more, ime .,
I've spent most of my stage career with an EC Strat, a Classic 50 and occasionally a G-Major, doing "authentic" covers for up to 10 hrs a night, 3 to 5 gigs a week.
we did sound pretty good for a 5 piece ...
later I gave up some more electric versatility in favour of a Fishman equipped Power Tele, I hate switching guitars in between songs.
not even my bandmates found anything to complain, on the contrary, they were thrilled about adding a few more "unplugged" tunes ...

In the studio however - don't get me started ! :rolleyes:
here you have a real chance to make your gear choice count - I just love to be able to pick precisely the right tools for the job - challenges me even more as a player, because now there's no excuse to take the easy way out, like "wtf, it won't sound like the original anyway".:anon

so there you have it, one older, slightly overweight person, two radically different ways of working.
guess you're never alone with a schizophrenic ... :D

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