The Triwatt... coming soon!


I've been closely following the R&D of Trinity Amps latest model, The Custom Triwatt Lead...
Any lovers of Hiwatt amps & the tones they produce might want to check the Custom Triwatt Lead out, coming soon in a head, and a kit!!!
It can run either a pair of 6v6's, or kt66's for power... WooHoo!!!

Key points about the Design:

* Big Hiwatt DR clean tones and breakup at more ear-friendly levels
* Vintage style early '70s 103 preamp (with cathode-follower)
* Three-inputs - Normal, Bright and Link, like Dave Gilmour's 3-input amps
* Switchable 80s' "Biacrown era" high-gain OL/Lead mode, with Overdrive control
* Early Hiwatt style 12AT7 phase invertor, with 12AX7 option for increased drive
* Solid State rectified, fixed-bias, 22 Watt 6V6 power stage, based closely on Hiwatt original
* Optional 6V6 or KT66 operation with External Bias Control and Bias Test Points
* Transformers closely based on original Hiwatt Partridge transformers for definitive tone.
* Compact physical format and cabinet - chassis also fits other standard cabs

Options Being Considered:
* SOZO Mustard cap set
* Foot switch upgrade for OL/Lead modes

The Kit Features:

* HEYBOER Custom Partridge design Transformers
* MALLORY 150 caps
* 1 Watt CARBON FILM resistors; Metal film where required for low noise
* CLIFF jacks
* ALPHA pots
* JJ filter cap
* BELTON Micalex tube sockets. Tube retainers & shields
* 1/8" thick GP03 Turret Board with large size KEYSTONE Turrets
* CARLING progressive Power switch; LORLIN impedance switch
* 20 gauge hook-up Wire; BELDEN Co-Ax cable
* All Mounting hardware, spacers and nuts
* Front Black faceplate with White lettering with 3 Inputs
* Pre-Cut 0.08" Aircraft ALUMINUM Chassis with tapped holes for tube mounting screws and silk screened rear face
* Detailed Assembly guide with large 11" X 17" size layout and schematic drawings


There's an absolute ton of info & clips in the link below;

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I was in on an early tone test for the prototype. Never having been a HW man in the past I had little point of reference other than the old Who stuff.....oh and the DR103 we had for reference purposes. It's a fine sounding amp that "feels" different than fender or marshall (or vox for that matter). And it was freakin loud too for a little amp. The one thing that I noticed was how well it took pedals.

I think I will be getting a look at the updated production beta soon so, if I do, I will try and post some links as the sound of this amp is quite unique. (at least to my ear).


Got to play the Rev 5 Prototype. It came with 6V6's. I played the amp with a les paul custom and used 3 different cabs during this initial inspection run. (Bogner 1x12 with Altec 417B, 4x12 with G12-65's and a 2x12 cab with Tone tubby alnico's. I really like alnicos with this amp but I digress.

To put it simply it does traditional vintage Hiwatt and a whole lot more. Clean tone is exactly what you would expect. Deep controlled bass. Crisp highs and mids and a wonderful sence of immediacy to the tone. The notes would just jump out of it. Pure vintage Hiwatt Martin Barre, Gilmour and DR103 tones are plentiful. I was using the bright channel. Bridging the normal channel, by plugging in to the "Both" input. Yeilded more overdrive/less clean head room. Great crunch tone. The overdrive, when engaged was almost overwhelming. I had not exepected this. The overdrive tones were nothing short of Metal but still retained the solid bass and note clarity. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Very interesting amp.

I'll post some clips later.


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How does one go about getting one of these? :)

Can I buy assembled? Me + Soldering iron = bad idea.


LOL... I agree, but I had it first! Mine's not for sale though!

coco, I love your Triwatt..... I might have to get a kit.......


I'm about the bite the bullet on the Trinity Triwatt. Any more comments and thoughts from owners is highly appreciated :D


BTW, the TRIWATT is here and for anyone interested, the clips are posted at:

The video on tha page was taken at a club on launch day. Maybe the recording is not studio quality but check out the playing!

The TRIWATT is switched and then biased externally for 6V6 or KT66 so if you want to build one the info is here:

But if you prefer to buy one the info is here. The production version has foot switched OD:

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