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Folks, I just put a T1M patcher on my board, on the left edge of it, after dirt and before modulation, delay and reverb. I was inspired by my friends Vertex board that has this feature built into the buffer/interface. What a great idea. (I hope to get my own next year)

I patch in a volume pedal here. But also, I can patch in other dirt pedals, or amp-in-can style pedals, or more mod, delay, etc. It's a great way to keep the board smallish and add pedals easily when recording. Between this and pedals that I rarely use that can go before the board (for me this would be auto wah, phase, fuzz, compressor), it a really great way to manage a rig.TRY IT! It takes up very little room.

I'm doing a radical rewire of my rig and waiting for a few pedals, but here's a link to my friends board.

Also and BTW, right before the patcher, I just received a mini buffered volume knob pedal fri T1M that I asked Dan to add a footswitch and LED to. So rather than have a boost here, I decided to use this pedal as a small attenuator that's usually on (dialing volume back a bit) and then when I DIS-engage it, it delivers a de facto "boost."

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