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The Vines - Winning Days album


Does anyone remember these guys? I heard Get Free and liked it but didn't commit until the Winning Days album. I liked the tunes, pretty much all of them which was rare at the time. The production seemed pretty good and the guys kept it simple but tight, bass was nice. The writing was all over the place but I think the mix of loud and out there with slow and chill was a good combination. Then off the deep and and nothing worth noting. Sad.


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Yeah, I remember them. Liked some of their songs including Get Free. They consistently put out albums up until a few years ago. I think it’s only the singer/guitarist left as an original member at this point.

Attitude Era

“Winning Days” entered the canon the same way “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” and “The Colour and the Shape” did.
You’re going to see that in CD binders, on bookshelves and used CD racks with the best of them for years to come.
Their first time on Letterman was top notch. Craig Nicholls went to town in ways that would have the Joe Bonamassa crowd tugging at their collars and making expressions like “Hide The Pain Harold.”
That’s how you know it rocked.


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