"The Werewolf Song" - classic horror story re-told in rock style


first off, happy halloween folks!

working title: "The Payment"


this is a brand new version of an older demo i did a few years back.


it's a little ditty about 2 brothers and a lycanthrope.......

it's loosely based on the original wolfman movie, the one where larry talbot gets bitten by the werewolf, and he see's the pentagram in his hand; he knows he's phucked, so he goes to the old gypsy woman who knows about these things, to find a cure, and she basically tells him the only thing for him to do, is to kill himself......
what a bum deal.

anyway, these 2 brothers have been partying all night, drunk as skunks, and one of them staggers out into the moor, and proceeds to meets his maker.

the remaining brother wants revenge, but has sobered up now, and has figured out that he'd better get some kind of ammunition...

....so he goes to see the gypsy-witch, to get some aconite (wolfsbane) and a spell here and a prayer there, and believes that he's well prepared, and he goes out to the moor to get his revenge.

but that's not what he gets......

“The Payment”
Written by RF Gilliland

Nightime, on the moor
drank up all the mead
mist is in the air
full moon, did the deed.

never saw the evil...
that poor ole son of a bitch
felt the claws that gripped his throat
yeah, he was dead without a twitch.

"it's your brother down on the moor,
with his head down at his feet!"

drink the aconite, tonight
toast the witches curse
pray to whoever you believe in
to pass over you the worst

it's your brother on the moor,
with his head down at his feet
and the debt has not been paid in full
will you, your maker, meet?

run into the moor
and see the evil eye
upon you, cast a glance,
and the payment, it is nigh.




here's a shot of the session for the werewolf song:


the middle section (the scary middle spooky bridge part) used all these guitars to create all the ambient noises, the feedback in harmony, the psuedo screaming parts...

i've got feedback harmony happening in major and minor key, and they continually overlap each other, to create some tension and dissonance

the main rhythm electric parts were done with the '77 Ibanez artist


i had so much fun cranking this one out.....
and this tune has gone thru a few variations....

at one time, it was like a funeral dirge, with this marching rhythm...
i had banged on our clothes washing machine with a 57 on it, ran it thru some reverb, and it sounding like john bonham on qualuudes!


but then i added a drum machine....a pretty standard kit sound,
and I just didn't like that.

then i manually played a drum- midi drum track, using keyboards, and triggered superior drums with that...
i kept part of that.

finally, this version, has the acoustic 1st half, then the drums kick in at the end of the spooky part that symbolizes the brother finding the other brother's head out in the moor, and staggering around looking for the werewolf, who is just out of sight, but is watching the brother with great interest.

that frantic lead work at the end, is supposed to signify the werewolf attack on the last brother.
there is some 'shredding' going on.
quite literally!



i guess the 'halloween song writing business' is such a very small, tight genre...
draculas bite.........
black widows seduce.....
mummys relentlessly slow-chase......
black lagoon creatures grab and hold you underwater.....
frankensteins rage.....

sounds like rock and roll to me.

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