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The "what's on your radar" thread...


So we're guitar players, and many of us have been bitten with the "gear lust" bug... isn't that why we're here?
No matter what I have, there's always something that's hit my peripheral vision - a seed that's been planted, something within reach, and I know that because I'm weak, it's only a matter of time.....
Please list those pieces that aren't pie in the sky, but in fact, you're sure you will move on sooner or later..

I'll start:

Corsa Manalishi LP Style - Would LOVE a Yaron, know I can't do it. Well I "can", but I just "cannot" allow myself.... The Corsa, and all the positive reviews, has me intrigued.
The right used Knaggs - probably a Kenai.
Friedman Amps - very intrigued, and this is now on my radar..
Let's just say I'm keeping an eye on the Line 6 Helix. The lust isn't too strong with this one yet.
I once had an early eighties Burny Goldtop. Stupidly sold it years ago. Want one again, not necessarily a GT. I WILL have this again.

My name is Mike, and I have incurable gear lust. Please share yours.


New Vigier, H9, Neunaber Seraphim, IEM's, new Diezel (when they are introduced), StageClix wireless, 2 re-frets, and if I like it, Helix.

I had to edit my choices as I now hae a KPA, and one guitar is almost done being plek'd and checked.
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Fender Classic 50's Telecaster Lacquer, or AV52 Tele if i can stretch to afford it.
Supro Coronado or Royal Reverb.
I do have pedals i'm after, but that list is ever changing. Though the new Lovepedal Super Sic will alost definitely be my next purchase, followed by a Hungry Robot Hungry Robot.
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Last week I would have said a Line 6 James Tyler Variax.

However, I played one in a local guitar shop and it was a huge disappointment.

One word - latency. Kills it for me every time. It wasn't a huge amount, just enough that I felt like I was controlling a midi controller not playing an instrument.

It was a real shame because I love the things it can do and it sounds great.

As far as lust goes, it's a slow burner but I've fancied a mapleglo Rick 360-12 for a while...


EC 609 mic
Possibly a TC Corona Chorus pedal.

I think my GAS is on a leash.

I just spent $3300.00 on PA gear, so my wallet is tired.


The right ES-335, probably a Warren Haynes or a '63 Block Reissue. Possibly an R9 (on the thinner side) or R0 (on the thicker side) if i can find one that's not too flamey.


I've been buying a lot of parts for cigar box and other improvised and repurposed materials guitars so cigar boxes and various tins have been on my radar. Right now I have about 40 or so of them sitting around here waiting to be built so some of them should emerge from the fog as guitar-oids soon. The big question on my radar is how to turn stuff like this bigfoot tin into an interesting guitar thingie...

I'm also hoping to run across unexpected deals on gear while doing the antique "picking" and garage sale thing.

As for regular gear, I'm wanting to get a parlor sized acoustic, probably a Recording King unless I get a good deal on something vintage that's in decent shape. I also keep putting various inexpensive hollow bodies on my Amazon and eBay wish lists but I've got enough projects going on to keep me busy.


I'd just like to get over my analysis paralysis over the infinite number of options and finally build a partscaster or two.


Silver Supporting Member
Pete Malinoski just built a Rodeo with swamp ash in translucent surf green with a maple board.

Looks fabulous.
Heritage H535
BTO Taylor Dreadnaught
Jetter Vibe or Lovepedal Pickle Vibe
A fuzz at some point, maybe the Pharaoh or a Tone Bender.

My radar is very inactive right now.


In Transit®
Gassing for an SG generally, but mostly a Tweedy Signature. Also, after seeing SPROING'S thread decided I cannot live without an Epiphone ES-339 Pro with P-90's in Pelham blue. Finally, I have convinced myself that all the world's problems will be solved if I acquire a Cornish CC-1.

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