The Who and PT fans!

todd richman

Senior Member
Cool interview-obvioulsy from the 70's when he played LP Deluxes with the added bucker in the middle, rocked Hiwatts and sounded huge!

Ben S.

I read that before, but I loved reading it again.
It is a great reminder that no matter what level people play at -- tour/club/bedroom -- no one here, or any other forum I have visited, is all that different from any of the great players we admire.

I bet if there was an online forum back in the 60's and 70's, all of those guys with their "I hate this, I hate that" and competitive attitudes, it wouldn't play out that much different than what we witness here on TGP. They bashed each other, loved each other, chased the tones and styles of the people they grew up listening to just like any one of us. Very funny interview.

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