Then & Now : Who Put Together The Best Plan For Success And Is Living The Best Life In The Music Industry ?


I kind of think a guy like Phil Lesh it’s pretty much the ultimate ideal in my eyes. He had an amazing career with the dead, and instead of endlessly chasing his tail on the road he created his own sanctuary where all the younger generation get a chance to play with him and so many others. And even though he obviously makes a profit off his club, he endlessly gives back to musicians on the West Coast who benefit from having that venue to play at


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Robert Fripp.

Has managed high tier professional activity from the late sixties forwards, collaborations, teaching, writing, remixing and reissuing just about everything he's been involved with, putting malfeasance of former management straight, runs his own label, making sure former band members get paid, plenty of accolades and respect from his peers, former band members have gone on to success, seems quite happy per his online diary, etc.. On his own terms as well for 50+ years.
Fripp was my first thought, too. He’s living his best life right now (well, pre-Covid). I feel badly for Adrian, but Fripp seems super happy.
Tim Pierce probably isn't as rich as a lot of the other names here but I think he's got a pretty good life. Works at home, does what he wants, he has to work for it, but he's got a hell of a resume and he's just a normal dude.


No. Dave Clark of the Dave Clark Five, back in the mid-60’s. They were an extremely successful band for a few short years with lots of hits and touring. Mr. Clark maintained rights to their catalog and became very wealthy off it for years after the band was no more.

There was a very good documentary a few years back on the DC5. I remember them well in my pre-teen years. They did the Ed Sullivan show ever time they had a new hit. That was a lot of appearances. I had forgotten how popular they were, rivaling the Beatles popularity for a short time. They were major players in the British Invasion.

IIRC... he became a very successful producer, too.

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