There’s a Mesa sound, a Dumble Sound, but What IS the Soldano sound?

We play all kinds of stuff, some originals, covers, rock, blues, a little country but rocked out, some Clapton, ZZ Top, Allman Brothers, etc...
The USA Dean stuff in the early 2000s was immaculate guitars. Had a wonderful Vneck on it, spelt top with no binding, was complete custom. Amazing guitar! I play almost zero metal, alwqys surprised everyone! The Elmwood is a wonderful amp. I ended up selling both of them to pay rent before I joined the military, and have spent the last 10 years trying to locate that guitar!

So for the Imjur app, open it and you will see a white plus sign in the top right. Press it and it will let you select a picture. You can also press camera to take on on the spot. Once you select your pictures, press next. Name it at the top. Hit post. Once it’s done a screen will come up and press copy link. If that screen doesn’t show, you can press share at the bottom right, then copy. Take that link and post it here in your message and it will load after you press post.
Yeah I have a friend who plays a Dean V style guitar. I have never played a guitar with a faster action without the strings buzzing than that guitar. Appreciate you taking the time to explain how to post stuff on here. Gonna try when I get off of work


I tuned to C Standard and played SLEEP and KYUSS with Solando settings on my Helix and it sounded fantastic. Do people use this amp for stoner metal? It seemed like a Sunn to me.

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