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There's just something about my Express clone...

...that not many amps can do...

Do you play the amp or does the amp play you?

Who cares, but the tones I find myself looking for are the unpredictable ones, where ghost notes, feedback, and other extraneous noises ADD to the "musicality."

What do you think? Which amps, pedals, speakers are your choice for gear that gives something extra back?


Jackie. That was very nice. Great control of continuous sustained feedback. Per the question above - tell us how you did it, settings, volume, effects - I hear verb/delay.. pre or post? Any drive up front?

not an exact clone, different tone stack, phase inverter, coupling caps, etc.

That particular clip popped up on my media player when it was shuffling. I think I did it and two others that didn't really come together 3 or 4 years ago. Must not have liked them at the time. No pedals. I added some psp42 delay plug in and the reverb built into cubase le. I know I recorded it into the zoom h4 which sounds pretty low-fi when recording loud amps. I tried to touch it up a bit in cubase. It's still pretty low fi sounding, but it kind of demonstrates the point of the gear that gives something back and inspires.

I think it's one of my hard tail strats and early 70's 1960B loaded with 1978 G12m blackbacks. With this style of amp, it's pretty much always at maximum volume; i'd estimate 9 o clock on the volume.

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