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Thick wire ..


Hi Guys, I just rewired a strat yesterday. Meanwhile the wire I ordered online was pretty thick – probably twice as thick as the originals. I can’t remember the actual thickness (will look it up tonight). It’s mainly the wire between the pots and the switch. Is this a problem – and what would usually be the result?
Rgds, Lars


I'm sure there's a sonic difference-- whether or not anyone will notice? That's another story-- I use a number of different thicknesses... anywhere from 18 to 24 gauge. I think if you're 16 gauge or smaller, you're probably ok. YMMV.

Bob V

The only difference is the one you've already noticed (or not) - the heavier wire is tougher to work with and fit it in there, the lighter stuff is delicate. Most stock wiring is 22 gauge. If you're shopping for a supply of wire, consider the extra expense of teflon insulated wire which is more resistant to melting near soldering points compared to regular vinyl. For Strats it's pretty cool to use the cloth covered stuff particularly since the stranded wire is pre-tinned.

Keyser Soze

Guitar output is high impedance low voltage, the added resistance of heavier wire is not going to be an issue.

The main reasons heavier gauge wire is not used inside a guitar are, it's not necessary, it's more expensive, it's physically harder to manipulate, and in the case of solid strand, it's more prone to breakage from bending.

Also, the more metal present in the wiring the more likely it is to act as an antenna for picking up noise...

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