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Thin Skin Fenders - opinions?


YES. Do it. You won't regret it. The '62 Teles don't pop up often.

Your post is hard on me.

First, I enjoyed handling and playing those at Dave's. Second is I loved the double bound models but also the light weight of the Thinline version I got. Maybe I'd have gone for the heavier solid guitar if I didn't have a 52 style at that time.

For the comments on how thick the finish is.... My Thin Skin is a clear finish so it might be different than others. When it's been apart I see the finish is definitely not as thick as 4 other modern Fender guitars I've owned.

As far as tone, I am not sure the finish makes the difference many think it does, or at least not a major difference. I'm sure my AM Dlx Fender was a poly or nothing special and it was a lively great sounding guitar and felt nice to touch.

My Santa Cruz acoustic has incredibly thin finish and maybe the finish makes a difference there because the guitar is incredibly responsive compared to about all I've had or tried.

Really, for me I divide between great guitars and not. The Thin Skins come to mind because there are not many left or out there and it seems to me you get something more toward custom shop but at standard pricing or less.

Not sure these pics can show the thickness of the finish, and I think this is the only one in this series that has a natural wood body finish with the lacquer. The first is the moment I decided _not_ to use the Dremel tool there to get a Keystone neck pickup in a better fit. I've gone back to the original CS Nocaster pickups.



I've played a couple of avri thin skin stratocasters (1959 & 1961) and though I prefered the '61 thin skin both were excellent guitars and well made. I imagine the tele models are just as good, though that is an assumption on my part. If you can get one for less tan $1699.00, I would say that deal is worthwhile looking into.


I will say this - the skin is definitely thin. I was putting the back plate on after adjusting the trem claw. My screwdriver slipped and BARELY hit the guitar...and there was it's first nick, to the bare wood. But I guess that's the point...to age like a vintage one would have.

I have a USACG Tele body that is finished in nitro and it took a lot of bumps and nicks but rarely to the wood.


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I have a '52 'Thin Skin' Tele that is my #1. It plays clean to mean no problem......... I play in a Classic Rock band.

I actually prefer the tone of this guitar over my '51 Nocaster.
They use the same pickups, wonder why it sounds better to you? I have a 52 RI TS Tele, but mine has developed a severe ground hum, and it's presently un playable.

Steve Dallas

I have two '62 Thin Skin Strats. I wanted an AVRI badly, but could not force myself to adjust to the radius or fret size. The TS series solved that problem for me. I liked the first one so much, I bought a second one. Excellent guitars.


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I had a 52 tele thin skin black guard from Wildwood. Sounded fantastic, but the lacquer on the fretboard looked about 1/8" thick. The guitar was also setup poorly. While I really dug the tone the playability wasn't right for me. I quickly returned it.

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