Things every guitar player should buy ... under $20


Yes! It always amazes me how many guitar players I meet that don't own tuners.
Yea but I would say most people on TGP would benefit from a strobe tuner. I love my turbo tuner mini, now the new polytune has the function too. But they're $100+.

Agreed though, a tuner is a must and you can get by with a cheapo - it's just a more frustrating experience and doesn't work as well for setups.
I used to have that!! I built that little onboard gain booster that was in the mod section. I melted about 10 circuit boards building it. lol
lol, I mangled a 67 Melody Maker (for a friend!) before I got it back near right. Thanks, Ralph.

Seriously, a good source.


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A postal scale. It is one of those things that you wonder how you did without. I use it to weigh guitars I'm selling to be able to give potential buyers this information; and also to weigh packages I'm shipping when I use the USPS Click and Ship service. They can be had on Amazon for under $20 for one that will weigh up to 50 lbs. I bought a better one for $25.
Rubber washers for beer bottles. You can get a lifetime's supply on amazon for a few bucks. I much prefer them to any strap locks I've ever used.

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Your guitar strap.
Your strings.
A tuner app for your phone, just in case.
A hand towel for your sweat.
Bungee cords for your cart.
You have a cart, right?
Gas/Uber fare.
Paper. For the set list.
That one sketchy cable you've been meaning to replace.
Beers for rehearsal.
Some better chops, and a hat for your bald spot. DOH!


Dunlop is coming out with a multi wrench that looks great. It will tighten LP toggle switches without damaging the poker chip.

A small steel ruler that measures in 64ths is the most valueable tool Ive ever bought for working on guitars. Feeler guages are also very helpful

A good set of wire strippers and a decent soldering Iron is always great.

I really like the Dunlop premium peg winder. It doesnt strip out like the cheap plastic ones.