Thinking about a Roland GR-55 for guitar and bass...

Discussion in 'Digital & Modeling Gear' started by kcducttaper, Feb 26, 2015.

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    Jul 1, 2012
    I'm a bass and electric guitar player and I'm looking for some relatively cheap, but decent ways to improve my sound, especially on bass for my occasional church gig and just farting around at home.

    Here are my signal chains:

    Electric guitar rig:
    Schecter Hellraiser C1 FR -> Boss GT8 (mostly just volume and tuner, but also a tube screamer, boost, and some other stompbox effects on occasion) -> Peavey Vypyr T60 (Absolutely phenomenal modeling amp for the price and sounds dang good! Most all of my distortion sounds come from here via different amp models.). Overall, I'm really happy with how my guitar rig sounds, but my current gripe is that my Hellraiser FR is a pain in the freaking butt to tune to different tunings. The GT8 does pitch shifting, but it doesn't track well on chords. I'm wondering if the GR-55 will do better at pitch shifting on chords so I can leave the tuning alone and just pitch shift before sending it into my GT8.

    Bass rig:
    Ibanez SR755 (5-string) -> Boss ME50b (mostly volume and some reverb/modulation where needed) -> Markbass F1 head -> Ampeg SVT 410HLF (wanting to trade up to a Markbass 104HF though). This setup has a nice smooth tone, but I haven't been able to get a dirty sound out of it that I like. Everything I've tried that has a good growl down low sound like a maxed out fuzz box on the higher notes and it just sounds awful to me. I know part of that is due to my 410HLF being mid shy, but even the signal chain going to the cab doesn't sound like I want it to - still too much high fuzz and not enough low growl. I think what I'll have to do to get the sound I'm after is split my signal into a couple different tracks, process each signal differently with different EQs, then bring them back together again before leaving my pedal board. From what I understand, the GR-55 can split into 4 channels, process each differently, then bring them back together again, but 2 of those channels are more or less reserved for synth sounds, which wouldn't really be what I'm after in a live setting. Is this correct so far?

    5:30 on this is what I'm shooting for for a "max gain" sorta sound. 10:15 gets close too, but it's a bit too much fuzz and not enough root note for my taste.

    The intro to this song hits it pretty well too. I watched a video on their recording this album and they had about 5 bass tracks laid on top of each other and one of them was going through a Peavey 5150.

    Those are about the "max" tones I'm shooting for in terms of dirt and distortion, so I'd like a clean tone and hopefully a step or two in between the clean tone and "max" tone.

    If I do add a GR-55, how difficult would it be to switch the pickup between my bass and guitar?
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    Feb 5, 2008
    From your description I don't think that the GR-55 is what you're looking for.

    You don't have to worry about switching the pickup between guitar and bass because you need a different one for guitar and for bass. :)

    The GR-55 can produce four different sounds (magnetic, cosm modeled instrument, and two PCM synth sounds). But I don't think you'll be able to process them the way you want. The routing is kind of limited; take a look in the manual.

    Alternate tunings work well.

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