Thinking about trying a TC Spark Mini


I thought I could do without a clean boost, so I sold my Mooer Pure Boost. Now I'm regretting it.

I like the mini enclosure, and the fact you can get a volume boost without significant gain increase.

I'm considering the Spark Mini. Reviews seem to be favorable, but I might miss the tone controls that the Mooer has (it's a clone of the Xotic RC).

What really intrigues me about the Spark is the momentary switch function. Does that work pretty well? Are their any quirks about it, like the switch sometimes engages permanently when you don't want it to, or doesn't engage when you want it to?


I've had the Spark Boost mini for a few months ago and it does exactly what it's supposed to. I use it as a lead boost at the end of my drive chain. I haven't had any problems with the footswitch even though a lot of people have complained about TC's switches. I haven't actually used the momentary switch function but everything else about the pedal is solid

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