Thinking of Re-wiring my Zack Myeres SE PRS

Rocco Crocco

I am installing a new bridge PU in my ZMSE. I want to re-wire the guitar to have the same layout as a Les Paul knob-wise. Why they wired it backwards, I have no idea.

Anyway, the pots look to be full size, and the tapers are fine. No need to replace them, right?

I am not much of a electronics guy, but I can follow a wiring diagram. Anything else I need to be aware of?


Silver Supporting Member
PRS thinks it makes more sense to have the controls visually relate to the pickup orientation instead of the switch orientation. I switched mine. I also replaced the stock pots with PRS USA pots and replaced the wiring. I honestly didn't need to. More work than needed. The USA pots feel a little grainy when turning, although they are easier to turn. And there's a pretty noticeable volume drop from 10 to 8. I say just replace the pickup and go from there if you're not satisfied.

Juan Tuthri

Silver Supporting Member
Most of the pots from the SE's I've had have been great. They are high quality alpha pots if memory serves. Just move them around if you're satisfied with the sweep and sound. If not change caps first and see if that does it for you.

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