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This bounce track from Sgt. Pepper is unreal.

George Martin was a god d*mn surgeon. Peppers is my least favorite Beatles record and i'm honestly not even much of a fan in general but i have so much respect for the way he produced that album!


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McCartney on lead there... Fender Esquire through a Selmer amp, with (I believe) a Tonebender Fuzz


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Geoff Emerick deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the great Beatle tracks as well. Maybe as much, or more, as Martin.
Yes, George Martin deserves much credit for his work but without Geoff Emerick thinking outside the box, SPLHCB would not have been the same. Emerick's book, Here, There & Everywhere is an excellent read.

Thanks for posting this!


It usually seems that when there's a particularly gnarly guitar part in a Beatles song it turns out to have been Paul.
Paul always seems to do what any other player would do, it's good and works but George is always, no one else would have thought of that to me.

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