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This could just be my best tone-match so far on Axe-Fx 2 - GnR

Scott Peterson

TGP Co-Founder and Administrator
Staff member
It is crazy how insanely BRIGHT that tone is; but you've nailed it. They must have high passed it like mad to make the guitar fit the mix.


Silver Supporting Member
Most of the guitar recordings sound extremely bright, when they are isolated in a mix. In my opinion, they sound best when they are bright, it's better for bass to do its job in a mix. Live tone, of course, is very different.

When I record guitars over some mix, I make sure that guitar sounds MUCH brighter than how I usually like it.

I think this also explains why Celestion Vintage 30s are some of the most frequently used recording speakers, but IMHO, they just sound weak in person.

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