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This guitar tone ROCKS!!!!!


I usually like his tone, but this video i don't. i think it's the guitar. He normally uses a LP, and i think a player's rig usually evoles in a direction that is mostly dictated by whatever his main axe is. i think that guitar just doesn't work as well with his rig/settings as his LP does for that reason. Alos, i find guiatrs that deviate from the norm like fancy woods, set neck fender style guitars, etc etc, the tone ends up being sorta sterile. as i type this i'm watching on e of his other videos and the tone is killin with his LP as usual.

Rusty G.

I think he's a great performer doing what the majority. . .no, make that 99.9% of the folks on this forum would like to be doing. . .Playing music he likes/digs and getting paid alot of money to do it. If you ask me, that rocks!


I like the Theramin trick but I agree that I have heard Joe have much cooler tone than he has here.


Silver Supporting Member
What's that amp sitting on top of the Two Rock?

JB's a good player, just not my cup of tea.

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