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This is Spinal Tap


Silver Supporting Member
it was a very funny movie when i saw it in the summer of 1984.
i saw it in a very empty theater, and was really laughing at the stuff in it, just funny bit about rock and roll history....
we have it on DVD, i haven't seen it in over 20 years....i wonder if i'd laugh as much now at it.....but it was funny


When Nigel wrote the dimensions of the Stonehenge prop in inches instead of feet.

The amplifiers go up to eleven.

Don't even point to or look at the Fender Bass VII.

When Derek gets stuck in his pod and breaks out after the song ends.


Gold Supporting Member
I remember seeing it, and The Song Remains the Same at the midnight movies on back to back weekends, And after viewing both so close together, it was hard to tell which one was real and which one was the spoof!

But to this day, Spinal Tap continues to fill a much needed void.


During the metal detector scene, Derek Smalls is wearing my hometown's football shirt. Probably their greatest achievement outside of the very occasional giant killing.

Got an ex to watch it once. About 40mins in she says; These blokes are idiots, you don't really like them do you?



Gold Supporting Member
It is a great movie - and perhaps one of the first (or near first) 'mock-u-mentary' style movies.

If you pull together backstage clips / interviews from 'Song Remains the Same', 'Let there be Rock', 'Decline of Western Civilization', etc.... and toss in 'heavy metal parking lot' - I think you'll find that the movie was not that far from reality.
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