This new breed of modern country is wearing me thin


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I'm filling in for a modern country band for a high paying wedding gig. They also have asked me to join their group as a full time member. They are all a bunch of nice guys but the amount of rock that they throw into their show leaves me baffled as to why they just don't do a rock gig. They remarked that the Jason Aldean tunes needed to be heavier so now they sound like Iron Maiden.

Their other guitar player plays Eruption during their show. The Paisley tunes sounded like GnR and they even do Metallica's Enter Sandman. I'm starting to see this trend in a lot of country bands. I love rock but it's kinda silly to rock that hard on a country gig.

I guess it's time to join a rock band so I can play a bunch of country licks :rotflmao


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I think it was Brent Mason who said that he started doing country session work in the 80's to avoid playing Journey covers for a living...and now much of the stuff he gets called for sounds like Journey.


I play Nash trash for a living, and its not the rock thing that gets me. What blows my mind is how popular hip hop/dance music is with the country crowd. I have seen 3000+ rednecks do the wobble.


I like playing in rock bands, and I like playing in good country bands. I don't like it so much when they start mixing the two.

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