Thorn Fanboys? Count me IN!!!

Holy schnikies! Just got my Jr 90 hardtail last night. I am sure it comes as no surprise to Thorn owners that the guitar is stunning. And the pickups are truly the best P-90's I have ever heard. And the playability, OH MY! But you fanboys already know this.

I must admit that until last night I wondered what was the big deal with Thorn guitars. I am blessed with many very fine guitars made by very fine luthiers. But now I know.

And if the magnificence of the guitar herself wasn't enough, I actually called Thorn guitars today. And though I probably don't need to tell the fanboys this, within seconds, and without so much as being placed on hold, I was speaking to the man himself. And he was a kind, gracious, and humble gentleman. And I have never bought a new Thorn, so he has not benefitted from me financially. But he treated me like I was his best customer. He patiently discussed the guitar with me, and answered my questions about another used Thorn I was considering.

I did tweak him by saying that since my serious awareness of Thorn guitars had occurred he had not been taking orders, so I couldn't have bought a guitar from him anyway! He laughed and apologized. Hopefully someday I can get on the list.

But what a gem of a human being. And what a gift he has.

And I don't really have honeymoon periods with guitars. I know pretty much from the initial playing session whether or not they are keepers. My new Jr 90 is a keeper. I am not gushing, just stating fact. She's one of the finest guitars I have ever had the priviledge of playing, apparently made by one of the kindest and most gracious gentlemen I have had the priviledge of meeting, if only over the phone.

Thanks Ron!


John Hurtt

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No doubt, the Yeti is both a humble and gracious human being as well as a super talented luthier. Congrats on the Jr. 90, they are fine guitars.


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I don't need pics to know the truth--Ron Thorn makes great guitars and is a wonderfully gracious person, just as the OP said. Truer words were never spoke.

Enjoy your Jr. 90...a very special guitar, indeed.


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I've said it before, I'll say it again. The Junior 90s have about the best P90s made after 1953.

John Page

Ron's a peach. There's no denying that! As busy as he is he still finds time to do inlay for old men... thanks Ron!

Best P90s made today. And, I agree, Ron is one of the best guys I have dealt with. One day I'll have a SFC to replace the Jr90 that is now Irreverent's.
Thanks Mike!

Yup, that's her! I took a couple of photos I was gonna post last night, but I took them in a vertical perspective, and I can't get them to link in the proper (vertical) orientation. So I will re-shoot later and get some pix of her in her new home with her new friends!



It's funny but I wrote a very very similar post/review of my first Thorn about 7 years ago. Ron had less than 10 Thorns built at the time. It is in its way, quite different from yours, and yet it planted the seed for many others, including the Jr-90, and it totally rocked my guitar loving world to the core.

I'm thrilled that others connect with his work on the level that I have, because it's an audible experience. Not hype. Not over the top gushing.

It's a sit in a room with dozens of other P-90 guitars and a group of monster players and see the wonder in their eyes when they put down a '59 Jr. and play the Jr-90 for the first time type experience.

I didn't start beating the Thorn drum as loud as I did back then because I wanted to overhype a guy building guitars. I did and do it because I want everybody to experience what I know. At least once.

Looks like you picked up a beaut. Have fun. I still get thrilled to play every time I pick up my Thorns, Jr-90 included. It's not a blind fanboy honeymoon. For a lot of us it's been a long term musical relationship with no end in sight.

I am so glad for you that you love your new axe. From all accounts, Ron sure seems to be a great individual, which makes this neater. I look forward to owning my first Thorn when I finally get back on my feet financially. Heck, right now I may need to sell my Collings.

This said, you're not a bad feller yourself either ;)

I love it when good guitars end up in the hands of good people!


Nice indeed! Looking to get me a set of them soapbars to try soon - the descriptions and reports ive been hearing of them sound nigh on perfect........

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