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Sold Thorn SoCal C/S


Silver Supporting Member
This 2014 Thorn SoCal C/S is near and dear to my heart - it's one of the best-playing, best-sounding, and most versatile guitars I've ever owned (a story familiar to anyone who has ever owned or played one of Ron Thorn's creations).

I have a custom-spec build on the way from Thorn soon, however, and another guitar coming due from another high-end builder at about the same time, so something has to go.

The spec sheet below should tell you everything you need to know about this one. It is absolutely superb in every way. I have played it a lot, but it is still in EX+ condition, no significant dings or chips, no major fret wear, no issues.

The 1968 Ford "Lime Gold Metallic" nitro finish is exquisite (damn, I'll miss this guitar!), and although the sheet describes the neck wood as "light curl" I've never seen korina as beautifully figured as this.


In the Thorn SoCal Gallery this is C/S 023, part way down in the C/S column second from right:

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Gold Supporting Member
I thought you weren't allowed to sell that one, DCH! :) Best of luck (and if I only had more cash, etc...) B
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Silver Supporting Member
Thanks fishleehooker and Baemer.

I couldn't possibly let this go if I didn't have another Thorn coming in, but something has to give!

Gar O'Brien

Oh wow! That's frigging gorgeous! If I was in the same country as you I'd be on that like a fly on shite :)

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