thoughts on a good boom mic stand for vocals?


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i have gone through enough cheap/moderately priced mic stands in the last year to want something a little more sturdy. the last was an on stage with a round base and the post sheared off after 7 months of gigging. the one before it was a tripod style that just became floppy and unstable after a very short period of time. are k&m's better?

what about the hercules leaning mic stand?

i don't mind spending $100-150 for something that will last. thanks.


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The K&M's are great stands, I would go with that.

Another cool thing I have seen people do is to add threaded coupler to their pedal board and mount the mic pole to the pedalboard. I have always struggled to get the monitor speaker, pedalboard, and mic stand positioned, but have never modded my pedalboard this way yet....


I've owned and used several K&M tripod stands in my studio for as long as I've had a studio (which is about 20 years). Admittedly, they don't get beaten up on the road, but 20 years of use is pretty darn good for any product. None have gone bad, so I've always added K&Ms when more stands have been needed. I think I've got eight or ten of them by now.

For studio vocal mics I also have the old standby Atlas studio boom with the large base and wheels, but that's not what you're after for live performance; it's very heavy and doesn't fold to a reasonable size for transport.


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K&M's rock. I've used them for years & they hold up well. The guy that recommended them to me years ago had been using one for many years at that time & gigged much more than me. He's still got the same stands & they're still going strong. Can't go wrong with one.

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