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Thoughts on the Mackie Onyx 820i?


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Seems like a reasonable price point ($499) for a pretty good home/computer recording or small live mixing setup. Has anyone had good and/or bad experiences with these?

The Onyx preamps are supposed to be high quality, and I definitely like the analog aspect of these, versus doing everting on a computer screen.


I can only speak to the sound quality of the preamps, I use an onyx satellite and I have been very happy with the product, especially given the prices. I would recommend buying used since they don't hold value very well but seem to be built to last.

southpaw pete

Another onyx satellite user here. I've used a lot of their mixers with no problems, and have been very impressed with them, and the onyx pres live up to their reputation IMHO. And like boxnix said, the mixer is built to last.

I may be in the market for one of their new onyx-i mixers one of these days as well. Looks like a sweet deal.

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