Thoughts on the Wampler Plextortion


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I checked some vids out this morning for this pedal and the one from TheGearManDude sounded completely different than the one did. I'm looking for a med to high gain pedal. I currently have an RC Boost for light gain stuff. I generally play punk stuff but I don't want an overly saturated tone. I guess something along the lines of Ian Mackaye from Fugazi. So what are your thoughts on this pedal in relation to what I'm looking for and just in general?


I got one recently. I can't comment in regards to Fugazi as I have never really listened to them.

In general, I will say that it's a great pedal for the higer gain, Marshally, 70s and 80s hard rock/metal tone. The pedal is very "tweakable" and has a variety of nice tones in it. Initially I thought it was too dark on the vintage mode, but with some knob twiddling, I'm really starting to dig the vintage mode. The modern mode is a bit higher gain and seems to be more trebly. They both sound very good IMO.

Personally, I like to keep the gain on the pedal at 2:30 to 3:00 and roll volume off the guitar if need be for a Malcolm Young-type of tone. Otherwise, let er rip and you have everything from Motorhead to Mastodon in there.


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I use it as my medium/high gain pedal and, IMO, it's the best pedal I've ever used for that application. It's tight, articulate and punchy and the EQ is killer. The Plextortion replaced my OCD and I've never looked back! It wasn't even close (and I really liked the OCD!).
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