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Thread for the new Helix firmware discussion - we got the dirt!


Silver Supporting Member
(sees the new amps)


(sees the new reverbs)


(see the legacy effects)


This is a LOT to unpack!

Really excited for the Friedman. This was my go-to amp on the Fractal. I think it really rounds out the amp collection.

Also really excited to try the Lone Star. A different Mesa sound. I like it!

And I'm excited to try the new reverbs. If I'm guessing correctly...sounds like a spring, a shimmer, a plate, an ambient, and either a hall or modulated reverb? That would be killer.

Those legacy effects...it will be really interesting to hear how those compare. I'd assume they use less DSP? Maybe not? Just a lot of stuff.

Thanks for continuing to develop and support the Helix! I could see more people jumping on board soon...


New Amps (2)

  • Cali Texas Ch2, based on* the drive channel of the MESA/Boogie® Lonestar (Ch1 coming later)
  • Placater Dirty, based on* the BE/HBE channel of the Friedman BE-100 (Clean channel coming later)
* All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6.

New HX Effects (6)

  • Delay > Multi Pass (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original bandpass-filtered multitap delay
  • Reverb > Glitz (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original
  • Reverb > Ganymede (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original
  • Reverb > Searchlights (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original
  • Reverb > Plateaux (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original
  • Reverb > Double Tank (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original
New Legacy Effects Models (77)

Helix Floor, Rack/Control, and LT now include a library of effects from M13, M9, M5, DL4, DM4, FM4, and MM4. These appear in a new "Legacy" subcategory in the model list.

  • Distortion > Tube Drive
  • Distortion > Screamer
  • Distortion > Overdrive
  • Distortion > Classic Dist
  • Distortion > Heavy Dist
  • Distortion > Colordrive
  • Distortion > Buzz Saw
  • Distortion > Facial Fuzz
  • Distortion > Jumbo Fuzz
  • Distortion > Fuzz Pi
  • Distortion > Jet Fuzz
  • Distortion > Line 6 Drive
  • Distortion > Line 6 Distortion
  • Distortion > Sub Oct Fuzz
  • Distortion > Octave Fuzz
  • Dynamics > Tube Comp
  • Dynamics > Red Comp
  • Dynamics > Blue Comp
  • Dynamics > Blue Comp Treb
  • Dynamics > Vetta Comp
  • Dynamics > Vetta Juice
  • Dynamics > Boost Comp
  • Modulation > Pattern Tremolo
  • Modulation > Panner
  • Modulation > Bias Tremolo
  • Modulation > Opto Tremolo
  • Modulation > Script Phase
  • Modulation > Panned Phaser
  • Modulation > Barberpole
  • Modulation > Dual Phaser
  • Modulation > U-Vibe
  • Modulation > Phaser
  • Modulation > Pitch Vibrato
  • Modulation > Dimension
  • Modulation > Analog Chorus
  • Modulation > Tri Chorus
  • Modulation > Analog Flanger
  • Modulation > Jet Flanger
  • Modulation > AC Flanger
  • Modulation > 80A Flanger
  • Modulation > Frequency Shift
  • Modulation > Ring Modulator
  • Modulation > Rotary Drum
  • Modulation > Rotary Drm/Horn
  • Delay > Ping Pong
  • Delay > Dynamic
  • Delay > Stereo
  • Delay > Digital
  • Delay > Dig w/ Mod
  • Delay > Reverse
  • Delay > Lo Res
  • Delay > Tube Echo
  • Delay > Tape Echo
  • Delay > Sweep Echo
  • Delay > Echo Platter
  • Delay > Analog Echo
  • Delay > Analog w/ Mod
  • Delay > Auto-Volume Echo
  • Delay > Multi-Head
  • Pitch/Synth > Bass Octaver
  • Pitch/Synth > Smart Harmony
  • Pitch/Synth > Octi Synth
  • Pitch/Synth > Synth O Matic
  • Pitch/Synth > Attack Synth
  • Pitch/Synth > Synth String
  • Pitch/Synth > Growler
  • Filter > Voice Box
  • Filter > V Tron
  • Filter > Q Filter
  • Filter > Seeker
  • Filter > Obi Wah
  • Filter > Tron Up
  • Filter > Tron Down
  • Filter > Throbber
  • Filter > Slow Filter
  • Filter > Spin Cycle
  • Filter > Comet Trails

  • If a Snapshot has been given a custom switch color, that switch ring now displays a dim color when not active
  • 12 of Helix’s 17 reverbs originally appeared in M-Class processors and Verbzilla. As such, they’ve been moved into the new “Legacy” subcategory within the Reverb category
  • Helix's tempo no longer responds to pressing TAP at tempi lower than 40.0 BPM (Beats Per Minute). This is to ensure that multiple fast tap entries are recognized properly, as previously, they could be seen as one really slow tap entry. You may still manually select a tempo all the way down to 20.0 BPM and your presets can still be saved with tempi down to 20.0 BPM—just touch TAP and turn Knob 6 (BPM)
Wow. I didn't get into the Helix previously because it didn't do one specific tone. Fingers crossed, that the new Friedman model can do it for me.... I really like everything else about the Helix.... Maybe "Placater" was aimed at me? Sling those arrows, Line 6. I'll martyr myself for the benefit of all.


When do we see the HX Amps pedal?
Real quick then coz I'm heading out for dinner...
Damnit....that's just cinematic in the extreme. THOSE reverbs paired with the current delay selection + the legacy filters on parallel paths with the legacy synth blocks?

It may be quite awhile before I fire up my AKAI Mini MPC keyboard.


Hmm. Well I'm glad more stuff is coming out, i doubt I'll be using any of it. Idk maybe the Friedman sounds better than the 2204 mod. Still waiting on some Mike Fortin designed stuff. Satan, Thrasher, or Natas (or all three). And sovtek mig-50.

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