Threads I just don't read anymore...


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It's not reading specific older, repeated threads that bothers me as much as trying to get my mind into the mode that at 72, I am not buying any new gear...which really sucks for me.
I guess it depends on your perspective and reasons. I've gone through long stretches of buying no gear, but its more about having a satisfied mind and liking what I've got and the tones I'm getting which is a good thing. With all the craziness in the world, try to relax and enjoy the music.


I get it . Subject topics endlessly repeat around here.This a random post from page 9975...
hey guys, i need some help choosing a pedal. i want an analog delay to do stuff in the vein of the edge and david gilmour. very atmospheric, textured stuff. right now the leader is an echoczar with an angelbaby. the diamond memory lane is in 2nd place but closing fast. i don't really know of any others that fit the bill, so thats why i'm asking you guys for opinions, feedback, and suggestions. thanks!