Three (only 3) AMAZING RHYTHM guitar albums.


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yes, 3 albums that you think are amazing incredible examples of RHYTHM guitar playing. Your favorites... THREE DIFFERENT BANDS... It's about rhythm guitar! What are your favorites.

For me, it's easy.

First... The... best... rhythm guitar player... ever...

and... my other choices...

Interesting. I only own one of those...

your turn to be part of my super cool thread.


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Tool-Aenema....could pick anything from Jones. Even his leads have amazing groove and the way he and Chancellor blur the edges of a guitarist's and a bassist's duties is incredible

Them Crooked Vultures-S/T...tons of great unison riffs and just great players all locked into a groove...Homme holding his own against a dream rhythm section

Black Crowes-Southern Harmony and Musical Companion...Rich just laying it down. If you learned his parts from this album and never bothered with other cover material, you'd have laid an amazing foundation to become an all around rock rhythm guitarist.


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Nuno Bettencourt -- Extreme

Malcolm Young -- AC/DC

James Hetfield == Metallica

Tons more worthy of being mentioned (of course EVH already mentioned), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Izzy Stradline (GNR) Scotty Ian (anthrax) Dimebag (Pantera) George Lynch, Ritchie Blackmore etc, etc. etc

PS.... Oooops i just realized its albums lol, well they are still great players lol
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