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Throaty/growly wah?


Silver Supporting Member
Most of the Wilson wahs will let you dial in input gain which will help you get some grind/dirt. I had the Q-Wah and the Signature wah.

Another worth checking out is the Xotic wah, which can also adjust input gain amongst other great controls (Q, treble, bass, etc). This is my favorite wah these days.


I’m looking for a wah that’s a little dirty, growly, throaty sounding all by itself, that it doesn’t need dirt to get a little edge to it. when I’ve had wahs, I find myself using them for more of a swell or tone shaper, than for what I would call the classic wacka wacka sounds. So, a clean wah just doesn’t do what I’m looking for.

think the wah equivalent of Bruce Springsteen singing, not Paul McCartney

the Jerry Cantrell wah caught my eye for this, After reading about it, and hearing a demo. But I was looking for more suggestions
Dunlops Wylde wah and CAE are the best for OP needs
The Crybaby Classic is an answer due to the tone and Fasel inductor, which adds hair as it ages. That's the point of that wah in some way.

It's neither thin nor bright and beats halo wahs (i.e., almost every TGP recommendation) for growl. It's a rock wah, usable even for dirty bass note riffs. Other wahs are often lame with growling bass notes, lacking clarity etc. But this is it's wheel house. Cheap too.


The CAE is pretty punchy and gainy from my experience. Its almost abit too much if you ever want to get abit of clean funk out of it.


Silver Supporting Member
The CAE is pretty punchy and gainy from my experience. Its almost abit too much if you ever want to get abit of clean funk out of it.
thats exactly what I’m looking for And I’m pretty sure that’s the one I’ll eventually get

thanks everyone for suggestions.


Guitar Player
Platinum Supporting Member
You can make any cry baby type wah dirty by simply grounding Q1 emitter. The easiest way is to jumper the 470 ohm (sometimes 390) resistor.


I got rid of my Dunlop Cry Baby Classic Red Fasel for this very reason, it seemed to boost the signal too much when engaged. Maybe it is what you're looking for. Tried it side by side with a newer RMC4 (Picture wah) and it wasn't any less vocal, although it had this "hump", and I just prefer a more traditional voiced wah

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