Sold ThroBak DT-102 MXV P.A.F. humbucker pickup pair


Unique, virtually new, low-output PAF replicas. Purchased new a couple weeks ago. They were professionally installed in and subsequently removed from a Collings I-35LC. Ended up going with the 'og' SLE-101's. These pickups will come with their original packaging and certificate of authenticity.

$450 pair (shipped CONUS and paypal'd)

Deets from ThroBak:

Classic low output PAF humbucker pickup clones with great double tones and chimey middle position.

Neck 7.7K (long A2), Bridge 7.9K (long unoriented A5)

This set is a direct clone of a personal favorite pair of vintage 50's PAF pickups I own. Magnets, coil offsets, winding pattern and even magnet wire micrometer measurements were taken from each pickup and to be recreated exclusively for the DT-102 ThroBak MXV vintage PAF humbucker pickup clones. These pickups are particularly rich in double tones imparted by the ThroBak vintage Leesona 102 coil winder that winds each coil. Closely matched neck and bridge pickups give a particularly sweet middle switch position tone. A2 neck and unoriented A5 bridge magnets add to the versatility of these pickups. The sweet vintage PAF pickup cleans and biting bridge lead tones offer a wide tonal palette of the best PAF pickups. Specifications include correct vintage reproduction plain enamel magnet wire, Michigan hard maple wood spacer, vintage correct two conductor wire and threaded baseplate.
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I have this set in my Collings CL and they are awesome. My favorite set of humbuckers. GLWS

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