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Thumbpick for Skinny Fingers?


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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good thumbpick if you have narrow, skinny fingers? Most ride up high on my fingers. Similar issue when finding slides.


What have you tried so far?

Do you want a plastic pick or metal pick?

For metal thumbpicks, I prefer ProPik S or M or a Geipel (technically a banjo pick but it works well for me). For a plastic pick, either a ProPik metal with delrin surface or a National S.

For fingerpicks, I like Alaska Picks, either brass or plastic.

For a slide, try sizing it for your finger using moleskin.


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Fred Kelly picks....lots of different styles... small/skinny usually available


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I like large roomy thumbpicks, and have tried a lot, in the large size. I assume you have tried the mediums? I have found National and Dunlop to be the roomiest, and the Ernie Ball, and Fred Kelly to be the tightest. So assuming that holds true on the step down to medium, maybe try the latter 2. Also, the Fred Kelly Bublebee ones, I couldn't even get around my thumb without cutting off circulation, but I found all of his to be tight.

Also, take a look at this:


This guy is from Megadeath, I think. He designed this pick clip thing. You put your own flat pick into it, and the metal part goes around your thumb, and you can bend it to fit. I tried one, and also thought it was tight, even with bending, and for me a little uncomfortable, but for a smaller thumb it might work. They are pricey though.

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