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Time to post your current bass rig


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It sounds really freaking good. After doing several A/B/C comparisons between the reddi, groove tubes the brick, and direct to apollo, I can't say that the difference is worth the price tag, but I know how highly regarded it is and feel good knowing that my signal chain is about as good as it can get, so how good a track can sound just comes down to my playing. I bought it as a "I know I definitely don't "need" this, but I want it" birthday present to myself hah!

And thank you! I was a bit hesitant to go with such a loud color, but I don't regret it! Have la bella's and a mute on it and freaking LOVE it.
We recorded a lot of instruments through that Reddi for our last album and it just sounds great the first time.

I have a surf green PJ with the same pickguard layout, it looks awesome on the yellow. I have some TI jazz flats on mine and love them. I have a set of La Bellas I've been meaning to try but I liked the TIs so much I haven't opened them yet.


Double post/update

I've downsized my normal bass rig and moved it up with me. I was using one of my Peavey Mark IV bass heads until it started having volume issues and what was audible just sounded like the speakers farting. With no bass amps operational I've began using a Peavey Windsor that I recently got to replace my already sold Peavey Stereo Chorus 212 for guitar.


I used to be able to turn the gain just a bit above 1 on the Mark IV for bedroom practice (with enough distance from others) but on this tube amp I can only get the volume to just under 1 on both master volume and preamp volume and I can feel the floor vibrate on some notes. It's not bad at bedroom levels but I can imagine at higher volumes I might have to make adjustments for the bass to sound it's best.


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Current "loud" amps. Have a B15 too.
That's a bass rig. I have a Heritage SVT as well, also an old Bag End 210 which weighs about 70lbs ; ) Among other things..... Heavy AF, both sound great.


I occasionally fill in on bass for a few bands. I own a bass guitar but never went full tilt and got a bass rig.
I managed to pick this up head and cab for $150 CAD.

I can't believe how well the direct out from the Ampeg head sounds going into a desk.
I just need to clean up the head a little, get rid of those stupid markings.



GK MB200 with a little Phil Jones C2 cab . New cab for me , just getting a sense of it . Practise rig , when not using headphones .


GB Streamliner sitting on a little Ampeg two ten AV cab , usually run through Bergantino cabs though .


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I put together this little “bedroom” rig recently, a G-B Shuttle 6 and 1x12 cab (that I copied from my old Schroeder mini 12).

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i moved into an RV recently and am now making do with a ZoomB3 pre-amp /effects unit plugged into my mackie 1402 vlz4 mixer and a jbl PA w/ 2x18"'s and 2 15"'s and 2 3"'s... it is alot of volume but this is the first time i used a Pa for my bass amp..... i am finding it hard to find a good setting that is not to boomy...... any advice welcome :). i own an ampeg 73 svt blackline head w/ proper 8x10 and may have to drag that in here.... if the walls n ceiling will stay 2gether........... ha ha ha ha


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no 'rig', just one lonely bass currently leaning in a corner. I don't play a bass, don't have a suitable bass amp either, so it's usually utilized as 'wall art', but it's nice to have, didn't cost me a dime, and it's there if I do get the urge to make sounds with it.

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