Timefactor Global Tap Tempo Question?


Hi there!

Im using my Timefactor with the global tap tempo on.
Is it possible to save presets which ignore the global tempo?

I have to play a song where i tap the tempo at the beginning of the song because in the hook i have to switch immediately to a long time based delay, but in the verse right before the hook i play with a short slap back delay.
when i tap the tempo it always affects the slap back too.

So what i want is to tap the global tempo, but have presets with not time based delays which are unaffected from the global tap tempo.

Pat Healy

Senior Member
You have to turn global tempo off to do that. Turn global tempo off, then save your short slapback preset with tempo off, i.e. to a predefined time decay like 250ms. Then it won't be affected by whatever you tap in for the long delay.

Alan Angel

Press the mode button down, that decides if a preset is tappable or just a set delay time. The global tap is not really the issue here. It could be on or off, but presets with 'tmp off' will ignore it.

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