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Timefactor users: share your wisdom on high gain leads


I use a Timefactor either in mono, in the loop of a Mark V, or in stereo, for open air gigs, when I feed a slave-out from the Mark V into the TimeFactor then into a 2902 power amp and into a recto 4x12”.
While I am pretty satisfied with my TF settings for various textural, rhythmic clean parts, I am still struggling to find the best settings for dirty leads. Sometimes I feel that having the wet sigal set to 30-35 is not enough and the overall tone is still too dry in the full band context. Other times, a wet setting of 40 seems too congested already.
How do you guys have your Timefactor (or your rack delay) set when it comes to high gain leads? Do you have the bpm set to match the song tempo? Do you use both delays, sync’ed? How wet do you go? What is the feedback you use?

I have asked this question in the pedals forum, but I have a feeling there’s more knowledge here when it comes to high gain leads.

Leon Todd

I personally find rolling off high end on the delay repeats works a treat for lead playing. I used a TF on my board for a few years before switching to a H9 and I liked the rhythmic/textural delays to be a lot brighter than my lead delays. Alternatively try a little bit of ducking on the delay.

Stig Ø

For me, Gilmour and Lukather are the kings of delay on high gain leads. As @Leon Todd said, rolling of some high end might help, or as Lukather seems to do, rolling off low end, keeping the highs. The point is to filter the repeats so they don’t end up masking too much of the dry signal.

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