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I`m in tthe proccess of selling my Timmy pedal, because it has too much bass response for me. But , maybe I`m running incorrectly. Are there internal switches that affect the amount of treble and bass? I`ve tried every way I can think of running this pedal w/ a Mesa Nomad 55 (clean channel) and even a Heritage Colonial amp w/2x12 cab(EV 12L`s) Just sound awful in the lows. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
No insult intended, but are you aware that the tone controls on Timmy work in reverse? Full counter clockwise and the bass is at max.

Timmy is definately not a bass heavy pedal, and can be dialed to be very bright when needed.



Yes, the more gain you use the more bass and treble you need to take away, which would be turning them clockwise.



Seriously with the bass all the way to the right it should sound anemic. I always start with the control all the way to the left and then back off until I'm happy but you may want to start with the bass all the way to the right.


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Thanks, I`m the eternal guitar idiot! I just found that out. What do the two internal switches do? And some people have mentioned changing a chip to a lower # one, supposedly to tame the high end. Thanks again everyone.
In all honesty, the Timmy is so transparent that any problems with bass, etc... must be with the rest of your setup. If you set everything else up great then the Timmy should slot in fine... and yeah, higher gain works best with the Bass and Treble turned down (CLOCKWISE) a bit.

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