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Timmy is not for sale!


Platinum Supporting Member
I almost made a huge mistake. I got my Timmy a couple of weeks ago and did not immediately bond with it. I have too many OD pedals as it is and so I put it up for sale in the Emporium last week. Luckily it did not sale because I took it to rehearsal tonight and used it at the end of my signal chain as a slightly dirty boost that cleaned up nicely with my volume knob.
All I can say is the Timmy is a keeper! It brought out the best in my other pedals and added a nice slight volume boost as well. If I had sold it quick I never would have known this so I immediately took it off the Emporium when I got home.:NUTS That's one sale I'm glad I didn't make.

John Hurtt

Gold Supporting Member
Good deal, Paul makes a great overdrive pedal. The Timmy sounds terrific in a lot of different applications.

Grant Ferstat

Some guy in obscure bands in a far away place...
Because the Timmy can do full range clean boost through to mid-gain overdrive Paul has built A LOT of range into the Bass and Treble cut controls. If you don't use them appropriately it is possible to make the Timmy sound quite ugly actually BUT if you're not scared to really use those controls it's an awesomely good sounding, versatile little box.

Especially brilliant as a low gain OD IMO.


I bonded with my Timmy immediately, but I recently moved it to the end of my OD chain and it is now my favourite pedal! It sounds amazing... and it certainly does bring everything else to life!


Senior Member
I just bought one....so I'm anxious to see how I take to the pedal.


Platinum Supporting Member
I bought it thinking I would have it more up front as an OD but I think having it at the end of my chain is the way for me to go.
That's what's cool about TGP because I don't think I would ever have tried it there until I read about some people here doing it
that way.

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